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        About us

HENGKO Technology Co., Ltd. is the excellent supplier in sintered porous metal filters ,metal breather vents , pneumatic exhaust muffler silencer. We are upholding the philosophy of "strict excellent product , considerate service" and growing together with partner customers. 

HENGKO filter classification:

Sintered porous stainless steel filters : SUS 316L porous filter disc, sintering SS porsity filter cartridge,powder sintered stainless steel filter tube, stainless sintering filter SS porous plate, microns powder stainless steel sintered filter cups, microporous SS cylindrical filter, Rust-Resisting Steel microns filter plug element.

Sintering bronze filters: sintered brass filter disc, porous bronze filter tube, micropore sintered bronze cartridge filter, porosity brass filter plate, sintering brass powder filter cups, bronze cone filter caps, porous brass cylinder filter plug, micro pore bronze filter disk, bubble brass filter cover.

Sintered porous metal filter: sintered metal filter cartridge, sintering metal filter disc, sinter metal filter tube, microns metal filter housing, powder refractory metals sintered filters element, micro pore metal filter assembly, sintered porous metal media, sinter metal porous filter components, microns porous metal engineered assemblies, microns sintering porous metal filter material, sintered porous titanium cartridge filter tube, sintering titanium filter plate, microns sinter titanium disc filters, sintered porous nickel cartridge filter tube, sintering nickel filter plate, microns sinter nickel disc filters, resistance corrosion high temperature filter media material( disc structure, plate structure, tube structure, cups structure) ... 

Sintered stainless steel mesh filters : sintered SS filter mesh cartridge, SUS 304 multi layers mesh sintering filter plate, sinter SUS 316L filter wire disc, sintering stainless steel mesh filter housing, sintered stainless nets tube, SS316L sintered fiber filter, air scattering plate, raw material sparger, SS 316L chemical filter, stainless steel pharmaceutical machinery filter, molten rubber filter.   

Sintered muffler silencer:  brass pneumatic exhaust muffler, brass speed control muffler, sintered bronze breather vents, bronze filter vent plugs, brass arrow pneumatic air mufflers, brass sintered screen breathers exactly, sintering bronze flow adjustment silencers, SS pneumatic exhaust muffler, stainless steel breather vents, SS conical silencers, stainless pneumatic silencer.


 HENGKO was founded in 2001, our products are used by many customers around the world. we had surpass one by one peer industry suppliers, We will continue to surpass ourselves and look forward to better cooperation with you. 


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