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HENGKO Technology Co., the excellent supplier of sintered porous metal filters ,metal breather vents , pneumatic exhaust muffler silencer. We are upholding “ strict excellent product , considerate service ” philosophy with partner customers growing together. 

Filter / sintered filter element series: powder sintered stainless steel filter element,powder sintered bronze porous filter materials, Multilayer stainless steel sintered mesh filter cartridge, metallurgical powder sintered filter, powder sintered brass filter tubes, Sintering stainless steel porous metal filtro, Sintered microporous filter, BSL-MAB muffler/silencer, PSDKBC Exhaust muffler throttle valve,Sintered copper and stainless steel filter disc,filter porous media, filter cartridges, filter plate,filter screen, porous sintered filters etc.

Gearboxes / metal sintered gears series : reducer industrial gearbox , Planetary gearbox , reduction gearbox , transmission gearbox , gear reducer , speed reducer , electric actuator, bevel gear , spur gear , helical Gear , toothed Gear , ring gear, sprocket ,pinion gear, chain wheel, gear wheel, cylindrical gear , planetary gear ,double gear.

Special-shaped precision parts series: stainless steel powder metallurgical structure, iron base powder metallurgy products, PIM metal powder injection molding parts, precision casting parts,stainless steel die casting parts, metal powder injection forming MIM structure parts; Metal buttons, MIM mobile phone stainless steel fittings, IT digital products stainless steel parts; Copier parts, printer parts, other special metal structure parts, non-standard machinery spare parts.

HENGKO founded in 2001, has a lot of precision mechanical parts production line, including powder metallurgical machinery, metal injection molding machine, vacuum sintered furnace, etc. Our products mainly used in: Mobile phones, communication, notebook computers, digital products, office equipment, medical equipment, electronics, machinery, environmental protection filtering equipment, petrochemical, cars, home appliance, metals, etc.Business market all over:China, United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Europe, southeast Asia and other regions.

With excellent equipment, advanced procedures, scientific management and modern testing methods, we can provide all customers both at home and abroad with our top quality products, favorable prices and sincere service. We hope that we can have long-term business relationships together with you for mutual business success.

HENKGO look forward to cooperation with you, together for a better future.

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