Sintered Disc Filter

Sintered Disc Filter

HENGKO is a leading provider of top-tier sintered disc filters, specializing in delivering high-quality, versatile solutions for diverse applications.


Porous Sintered Disc Filter OEM Factory

HENGKO Can Help You to Make Porous Metal Sintered Discs to be customized for a wide variety of applications and specifications.

Also The Sintered Discs can be Inside of various metallic and non-metallic hardware options to provide you a complete assembly.

We can OEM Special Sintered Disc Filters to variables such as diameter, thickness, alloys, and media grades can be altered to

meet various filtration, flow, and chemical compatibility challenges for your product or process. 


If you have any requirements and are interested in our sintered Disc filters or 

and porous sintered metal filter, please send an inquiry by email to contact us now. 

we will send back asap within 24-Hours. 


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OEM Design Meet Your Capabilities

1. Consultative Application Engineering:

    Need guidance on your design? Our seasoned application engineers are on standby to assist. With years of collaboration with leading technical and performance brands globally, we're primed to tackle intricate challenges alongside you.


2. Customer Innovation Hub:

    We thrive on collaborating with clients on intricate projects. That's why we've established a dedicated space for it. Keen on hands-on lab testing and in-depth engineering consultations? Visit our state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Hub in Connecticut, where we'll craft tailored solutions for your distinct needs.


3. Swift Prototyping Division:

    Want to validate your design swiftly? Our rapid prototyping division can deliver prototypes in a mere 2 weeks. Our experts utilize tools mirroring our main production facility, ensuring your design is both viable and cost-effective.


4. Advanced Additive Manufacturing:

    For those seeking unparalleled porosity consistency or unconventional designs, our porous 3D printing specialists are your go-to. We're equipped to produce designs with varied density gradients and unconventional geometries. Our cutting-edge technology even enables us to print components that are both solid and porous in a single cycle.