Industry Application

Industry Application

Filter Classification - 5-Applications

So far, we have classified our filters into three forms according to the filtering objects, gas filters, liquid filters, and other filters. Our main filter is the metal filter because we have been one of the metal filter manufacturers for over 20 years. The popular metal filter is 316L stainless steel, bronze, etc., because the 316ss metal filter price is reasonable, acceptable, sure. More importantly, the performance of the metal filter element is excellent. Check the following details, find your application, and contact us to supply you filtration solution.

Industrial Applications

In the past 20 years, HENGKO offered Industry-Leading Solutions to Multiple Markets and Industry Sectors. Our High-Performing Filters and Temperature and Humidity Monitor Devices Are Highly Customizable. If You Don’t Find What You’re Looking for in the Market, We Can Collaborate With You to Design and Manufacture a Unique Product for Your Special Requirements. Just Feel Free To Share Your Specification Details.

HENGKO has been providing many customers in the petrochemical industry all ove the world and supply efficient solutions and practical sintered metal filtration systems devices.

HENGKO supply kinds of pore size and design sintered metal filters to solve various filtration and separation problems encountered by customers during production in fine Chemical industry.

From the dam to the spacecraft, from medical devices to testing instruments, HENGKO sintered metal porous materials products are widely used in many high-end manufacturing.

For decades, HENGKO close contact and cooperation with the National Aerospace Laboratory and has provided sintered metal porous materials and filtration systems for their aerospace projects.

The sintered metal filter element used in the food and beverage production project such as gas sparger and beverae filters, 316L stainless Steel can meet the food-grade production requirements

More and more Battery Factory start to use sintered asymmetric metal filter effectively solves the problems of conventional filters which normal materials cannot meet.

The prorous sintered metal material filters produced by HENGKO has been widely used in the coal chemical industry. Helped many coal chemical company get the obtained high-purity gases and liquids with high requirements.

About the Silicone Industry, main for the high-temperature gas-solid separation problem in fluidized bed reactors in the fields of silicone, polysilicon, silane gas, etc.


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Till Now, HengKo Can Supply 5-categories and over 100,000 kinds of sintered metal filters and Temperature and Humidity Monitor and Accessories To Meet All of Your Needs of Any Industry of Filtration.

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