Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine

Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine and the Core Components of Hydrogen Production Supplier in China, HENGKO Supply Best Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine Solution


Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine and the Core

Components of Hydrogen Production Supplier


As one of important components manufacturer for the Hydrogen Water Machine, HENGKO Master the core

technology of hydrogen water machine quality, With high-quality metal sintered aeration stone,  hydrogen can

be dissolved in water more smoothly, reaching the beneficial effect on human body. 


So if you also interested to the human health industry, you can learn more about our products,

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Why Custom Alkaline Hydrogen Water Sparger From HENGKO


As a top leading factory of sintered stainless steel filter, HENGKO support customize any innovative

design for various applications. 


We offer kinds of solutions to fulfill requirements for petrochemical, fine chemical, water treatment, 

pulp and paper, auto industry, food and beverage, metalworking, etc. 


✔ Over 20-years professional stainless steel filter manufacturer in powder metallurgy

✔ Strict CE certification 316 L, 316 Stainless Steel Powder Filter Material Procurement 

✔ Professional High Temperature Sintered Machine and Die Casting Machine 

✔ 5 of over 10-years engineers and workers in stainless steel filter industry

✔ Stainless steel powder materials stock in to ensure fast manufacturing and shipping out



Alkaline Hydrogen Water Working Principle 


For the Alkaline Hydrogen Water, the Main uses the sintered metal filter sparger to Inject hydrogen into water

and turn ordinary water into hydrogen-rich water. Drinking hydrogen-rich water can allow the body to absorb

more hydrogen and speed up the body's metabolism.



Engineered Solution Support 


In the past 20 years, HENGKO has solved over 30,000 complex filtration Instrument & Components and flow

control problems for customers worldwide in a wide range of industries. Sure included the Alkaline Hydrogen

Water application solution, We work with some brand Hydrogen Water machine to help to make quality and

stable  Hydrogen Water bubble, so if you also have project about Hydrogen Water and need the sintered

gas sparger, we are the factory, we will supply you best and fast solution idea with 48hours.


Welcome to Share Your Project and Require Details.

We will supply Best Professional Solution of Instrument & Components For Your Projects soon.


You are welcome to send inquiry by following form and let us know details about your requirement

for the Hydrogen Water. 

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