Handheld Temp Humidity Dew Point Meter

Handheld Temp Humidity Dew Point Meter

Handheld Industrial Hygrometer

Easy-to-use handheld humidity meters are intended for spot-checking and calibration. The humidity meters have a multilingual user interface and a variety of parameters to choose from, including humidity, temperature ,dew point, and wet bulb. The large user interface enables monitoring the stabilization of the measurement.


Modular spot-checking for various parameters

Handheld measuring devices are typically used for measuring environmental or process conditions directly, or as reference instruments for spot-checking or calibrating a fixed instrument in the field.

HENGKO Handhelds Humidity and Temperature Meter are designed for demanding measurements in spot-checking applications. They are also ideal for field checking and calibration of HENGKO's fixed instruments. Handheld meters cover a range of measurements:

Dew point
Wet bulb

Each application can be addressed individually, or the probes can be easily changed for multi-parameter purposes.

Do you want to ensure your fixed instruments are indicating the correct numbers? Handhelds are specifically suitable for short-term measurements, either spot-checking or logging data for short period at specific point. With handhelds, it's easy to spot the incorrect device in multiple applications. The devices are light and portable, but still robust, intelligent, and intended for professional usage.

Key features

High-quality accuracy
Designed for professionals
Light and portable

Handheld Relative Humidity Meter

A relative humidity meter, also known as a humidity detector or humidity gauge, is a device equipped with a humidity sensor that gauges the relative humidity in the air. HENGKO provides a variety of relative humidity meter products. These include handheld relative humidity meters, humidity sensors, data logging relative humidity meters, as well as combined or multifunctional relative humidity meter devices that also measure factors like industrial or ambient temperature and dew point or wet bulb. Depending on the specific model's humidity measurement range, a relative humidity meter can assess relative humidity (RH) as a percentage (%) from 0 to 100% RH.

Order no.: HG981 HK-J8A102 )
Relative Humidity Meter HK-J8A102 / Calibration Certificate SMQ Calibration

Compact, portable, and easy-to-use HENGKO® HK-J8A100 Series handheld humidity meter is designed for spot-checking in a wide variety of environments. It provides reliable measurements in a wide range of applications. It is the ideal spot-checking tool for everything from structural moisture measurement and air conditioning systems to humidity measurement in industrial production processes and life science applications. There are four different models available: HG981 ( HK-J8A102) , HG972 ( HK-J8A103 ) , and HG982 ( HK-J8A104 ).

Measuring function 
- Temperature: -30 ... 120°C / -22 ... 284°F (Internal) 
- Dew Power temperature: -70 ... 100°C / -94 ... 212°F  
- Humidity: 0 ... 100% RH (Internal & External) 
-Store 99 - data  
- Records 32000 records 
- SMQ calibration certificate, CE

Order no.: HG972 HK-J8A103 )

HK-J8A103 is a multifunction relative humidity meter or detector with a quick-response sensor for determining ambient temperature, relative humidity and dew point temperature.  Equipped with an easy-to-read display, this data-logging meter features a large internal memory with storage for up to 32,000 recorded values.

- Temperature range: -20 ... 60°C / -4 ... 140°F
- Relative humidity range: 0 ... 100% RH
- Resolution: 0.1% RH
- Accuracy: ± 0.1°C , ± 0.8% RH
- Internal memory: up to 32,000 date- and time-stamped readings


Order no.: HG982HK-J8A104 )
Relative Humidity Meter HK-J8A104 / Calibration Certificate SMQ Calibration 
HENGKO® HG982 ( HK-J8A104) Handheld is designed for demanding humidity measurement in spot-checking applications. It is also ideal for field checking and calibration of HENGKO's fixed humidity instruments. The HK-J8A104 includes an indicator and an optional probe depending on the application.
1. with standard sintered probe (200mm length)
2. with standard sintered probe (300mm length)
3. with standard sintered probe (500mm length)
4. customized probe
The optional HK-J8A104 Link Windows® software in combination with a USB connection cable is used to transfer logged data and real time measurement data from the HK-J8A104 to a PC.

Datalogger for Humidity / Temperature

The HG980 series temperature and humidity meter use to monitor environments ranging from warehouses, to production areas, to cleanrooms and laboratories. The this handheld meter combine with Smart Logger software. The HG980 series data loggers are ideal for monitoring, alarming and reporting temperature and humidity in controlled environments.


HK J9A100 series Temperature and Humidity Data Logger has internal high-precision sensors for temperature or temperature and humidity measurements. The device stores maximum 65000 measuring data automatically with selectable sampling intervals from 1s to 24h. It is equipped with intelligent data analysis and management software for data download, graph checking and analysis, etc.

Data Logger
CR2450 3V Battery
Amount Holder with Screws
Software CD
Operating Manual
Giftbox package

HK J9A200 series PDF Temperature and Humidity Data Logger has internal high-precision sensors for temperature or temperature and humidity measurements. There is no need to install any software to automatically generate a PDF report. The device stores maximum 16000 measuring data automatically with selectable sampling, intervals from 1s to 24h. It is equipped with intelligent data analysis and management software for data download, graph checking and analysis, etc.

Key Features

 Reliable temperature and relative humidity measurement precision
Dedicated mounting bracket mounting
Each data logger uses standard alkaline batteries, typical battery life of 18 months, no need for costly battery replacements between recommended calibrations
Cost-effective alternative to chart recorders

Instructure of button for handheld temperature and humidity meter
HG980 Handheld Video