Porous Sparger and Gas Sparger

Sintered Porous Sparger or Gas Sparger Introduce Gas into Liquids by Thousands of Tiny Pores, Creating Smaller and More Numerous Bubbles. Contact us to Get More Details.


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Do you Know What is Porous Sparger ? 

For the Porous Sparger also named Gas Sparger, and For Materials Main Know As Metal Sintered Sparger

The porous sparger is ideally designed to transfer gas into liquids effectively. The Gas sparger is usually made

of metal powder through High-pressure abrasive stamping and a sintering process.


Porous sparger make air the the liquid


For porous sparger HENGKO supplies various itmes, such as liquid sparger, gas sparger and tank sparger.

We can also fabricate porous spargers to work with different gases, like ozone sparger, co2 sparger,

nitrogen sparger, oxygen sparger, ammonia sparger, chlorine sparger etc. 


Compared with conventional sparger, the designed micron rating of our porous sparger ranges from 0.2 to 120

micron (typically 0.5 to 12 micron). These small holes make porous sparger has a larger contact surface area

to create more tiny bubbles. 


Also You can Customize Your Own Sintered Porous Sparger or Gas Sparger

1.Size :  Normal size we cab supply D1/2"*H1-7/8" , 0.5um - 2 um with 1/4" Barb  - 1/8" Barb  

2. Materials:  Sintered Stainless steel 316L, Monel, Nickel 

3.  Pore Size : From 0.2 - 120um

4. O.E.M Install End With Female Thread,  Flare thread or with Wand 

5. Can Customize Porous Sparger with Flange Plate when you need to fixed installation 


So, Where do you want the Porous Sparger to use for your projects?

Contact us for your project requirement, and let us talk more details.


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Why HENGKO Porous Sparger and Gas Sparger 

HENGKO Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer dedicated to developing and manufacturing

aeration and brewing equipment accessories such as sintered stainless steel aeration stone, 316L stainless

steel, home brewing aeration stone, and sintered stainless steel nano-diffuser, etc.

We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "helping customers, achieving employees, and

developing together". It has been continuously optimizing the company's management system and R&D and

preparation capabilities to solve customers' material perception and purification better, use confusion, and

help customers continuously improve products. Competitiveness over the years, our company's technical

level and product quality have been at the forefront of the industry.


It has maintained good cooperative relations with domestic medical, food, beverage, hydrogen-rich water

machine manufacturers, ozone generator manufacturers,bioreactor, fermenter and other industries for

a long time. It has long been exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia,

Southeast Asia, etc. Industrially developed economies with quality requirements.



Porous Sparger Benefits 


* Higher Porosity — — The general sparger porosity of normal is about 10%, But HENGKO porosity of

   porous sparger ranges from 15% to 55%. So you know our porous sparger can transfer gas into the

   liquid more efficiently.


* NO Blocking — — Millions of tiny pores can make it carbonate beer and soda before fermentation.

   The micron stone is ideal for forcing carbonating your kegged beer or as an aeration stone before

    fermentation. Not easy to get clogged as long as it's ungreasy.


* Easy to Use — — Connect your oxygen regulator or aeration pump to the stainless steel diffusion

   stone and aerate your wort as the beer flows through the line. Connects inline with any kettle, pump,

   or counter flow/plate wort chiller. Using 1/4" ID tubing to connect to the hose barb on the stone.

   This carbonation stone can be used with the air pumps. No more need to shake your bottle * 100%

    Satisfaction —— We aim to provide the best quality service and product quality for each customer.


* Easy To Sanitize — — Soak this 0.5-micron diffusion stone in water for 20 to 30 seconds. Don't touch

   the actual carbonated portion of the stone with your hands


* Durability — — Porous Sparger can be easily cleaned using chemical and physical methods like ultrasonic

   cleaning. Hence, it can serve you normally for several years through regular cleaning.


* Multiple Size — — We can supply different sizes of porous sparger with a range from 6" to 48", and the

   standard diameter is 0.5" and 1".You are sending us the specification details as your requirements for

   porous sparger.


* More resistant to high temperature and corrosion


* Strong structure, not easy to damage, more durable


Porous sparger for the liquid


Porous Sparger Application 


1. Fermenter

    The sparger can create smaller bubbles than traditional spargers with sufficient accuracy, usually ranging

 from 0.5 to 12 microns. And it can be used in the fermenter, like wine production, to improve cell growth

  in fermentation reactions by sparging oxygen.


2. Food and Beverage

    Sintered porous sparger, mainly used to transfer gas into a liquid, can be widely applied in the food and

beverage industry. For example, introducing co2 to beer will extend the beer's life. And sparing nitrogen to

replace oxygen, juices and oils will have a long life.


3. Oxygenation

   With high porosity of up to 55%, our porous sparger can generate more gases than the common sparger.

So it is ideally used in fish ponds or aquariums to introduce oxygen.


4. Pharmaceutical Industry

   We always use safe and non-toxic metals to fabricate porous sparger. When you need a sparger in the

pharmaceutical industry, you can choose an ozone sparger. Will sanitize Water systems through the

sparging zone with less adverse effects.


5. Green Chemical Industry

   Normally porosity design ranges from 0.5 to 12 microns. Our sintered porous sparger can achieve high

efficiency in transferring gas into the liquid. Using it in the green chemical industry can create more

high-quality oxygen to maximize oxygen availability with minimized cost. 


6. Microalgae Process Plant 

    Microalgae is widely used in cosmetics, food supplements or the pharmaceutical industry as raw material.

The porous sparger is an ideal choice to increase the production rate of microalgae biomass and products

in a photobioreactor. Therefore, you can obtain large profits with fewer costs.


7. Bioreactor

   HENGKO air sparger can be better used in the bioreactor with better chemical properties. Our sparger will

offer sufficient air or pure oxygen for the bioreactor, improving this reaction created by enzymes or organisms.


8. Hydrogenation 

    You can use HENGKO's porous sparger to sparger hydrogen for a series of chemical reaction processes, like

hydrogen water filter and hydrogen-rich water maker. 

Furthermore, nano-sized hydrogen bubbles will be generated, making them easier to combine with

water molecules.


Faq about Porous sparger

Questions Guide About Porous Sparger and Gas Sparger 


What is a Porous sparger ? 

HENGKO porous sparger, also named sintered sparger, is mainly designed to transfer gas into liquids effectively.

A porous sparger is usually made of metal powder through a sintering process.

HENGKO porous sparger includes various categories, such as liquid sparger, gas sparger, or tank sparger.

We can also fabricate poroussparger to work with different gases, such as co2 sparger, sparger, nitrogen sparger,

oxygen sparger, ammonia sparger, chlorine Sparger, ozone sparger etc.

Compared with conventional sparger, the designed micron rating of our porous sparger ranges from 0.1 to 120 micron

(typically 0.2 to 15 micron). Our porous sparger has a larger contact surface area to create more tiny bubbles.

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