RS485 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Split Series Dew Point HT803

RS485 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Split Series Dew Point HT803

Short Description:

  • Brand: HENGKO
  • Item: : HG803-1W8P-02
  • Dew Point : : Dew Point Function
  • Output: : RS485
  • Probe Type: Split Humidity Probe ( Plastic )- Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Display Type: Without Display
  • Test Temperature Range: -40℃ ~100℃
  • Work Temp. : : <80℃
  • OEM: Range Customization Available
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    Experience Enhanced Control and Energy Efficiency with Our HT-803 Series Temperature and Humidity Transmitters!

    Uncover the ideal solution for HVAC, building automation, and industrial applications with our incredibly versatile HT-803 Series transmitters. Crafted for ambient room conditions and engineered with utmost precision, these cost-effective transmitters hold the key to managing energy expenses while upholding the perfect environmental settings.


    Key Features:

    1. Flexible Design: Choose between duct version or wall mounting, allowing seamless integration into your existing setup.

    2. Superior Protection: IP30 with PE filter for standard applications, or upgrade to IP65 with stainless steel sintered filter for enhanced durability and harsh environments.

    3. Wide Range of Output Signals: Enjoy the convenience of RS485 output signals, providing compatibility with various control systems.

    4. Reliable Operation: Operating voltage of 12-24 V DC (24 V DC recommended for 4-20 mA output), ensuring consistent and dependable performance.



    Unmatched Accuracy:

    - Humidity: Achieve precise control with ± 3% RH accuracy at 30-80% RH, within a temperature range of 10-40 °C.

    - Temperature: Experience exceptional temperature control with ± 0.8 K accuracy at 10-40 °C.


    Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs:

    - Energy Savings: Optimize your HVAC and building automation systems to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

    - Industrial Versatility: These transmitters excel in industrial settings, even under moderate conditions, providing reliable and efficient performance.


    Upgrade your control systems and reap the benefits of our HT-803 Series transmitters. Experience improved efficiency, energy savings, and precise environmental control. Place your order today and unlock the full potential of your applications!


    RS485 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Split Series HT803 without display



    ■  High-precision detection and measurement range.

    ■  485 communication, standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol, communication address and baud rate can be set, the longest communication distance is 2000 meters

    ■  Wall-mounted waterproof casing, high protection level, can be used outdoors or in harsh on-site environments

    ■ 12-24V DC wide voltage power supply

    ■ Kinds of temperature and humidity probe option or OEM



    Can't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart sensor23040301hengko certificatehengko Parnerscontact us

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