Anti-condensation Industrial Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter HT407 for Demanding Applications

Anti-condensation Industrial Temperature and Relative Humidity Transmitter HT407 for Demanding Applications

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    hengko advantage
    industrial sensors for applications up to 200°C

    IP 65
    for measuring relative humidity and temperature
    with humicap humidity sensing element
    with current or voltage output

    Designed for use in industrial process automation, the sensors of the HT407 relative humidity temperature sensor can be installed in virtually any position. The robust devices are available to be mounted in ducts, on walls, or are available with a stainless steel probe that can be up to 5 m away from the output electronics. Depending on the application, we either recommend using transmitters with exchangeable or permanently assigned probes. The type of filters and filter materials can be adapted to suit the respective protection category required (up to IP65).

    All devices work with an internal processor which uses the measured values for relative humidity and temperatures to also calculated absolute humidity, mixture ratio (water/air) or the dew point (can choose). Digitalization of the signal processing allows the measurement accuracy for humidity to reach excellent values of ±2.0% RH, and with the platinum resistance sensor, the accuracy of the temperature measurement reaches tolerances of ±0.3℃. Depending on the individual design, the sensors can be used at temperatures of between 0 °C and +200 °C and at pressures of up to 10 bar in non-corrosive air.


    HENGKO-Humidity transmitter -DSC 5476
    Humidity range 0~100%RH
    Temperature range 0~200℃
    Humidity accuracy ±2%RH
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
    Response time ≤15s
    Output 4-20mA current signal /RS485 interface
    Supply voltage  24V DC


    Process & factory automation

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Chemical industry

    Textile processing

    Brick manufacturing

    Clean room

    Humdity r.h. and temperature sensors


    temperature and humidity transmitter

    Cast aluminum shell
       Chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance
       Easily respond to a variety of industrial environments

       316L stainless steel material
       Damp proof, condensation, dust, high temperature, rain and snow and other harsh environment, it can also work normally

    temperature & humidity sensors
    Temperature and humidity product wiring diagram

    Output signal

    Technical Data


    Humidity measuring

    Humidity range

    Humidity acuracy@25℃


    Long-term steady(Humidity)

    Response time-humidity

    (tau 63%)


    ±2%RH(20% RH…80% RH)




    relative humidity sensor
    Temperature measuring
    HT407 humidity sensor

    Temperature range



    Long-term steady(Temperature)

    Response time-Temperature

    (tau 63%)


    ±0.2℃ @25℃




    Power supply/connect
    HT407 humidity sensor

    Supply voltage

    Current consumption

    Electrical connection

    24V DC±10%

    Max 45mA


    HT407 humidity sensor

    Parameter calculation


    Housing material

    Displayer working temperature

    Install method


    T, RH, dew point, mixture ratio & absolute humidity for choose





    ht407 humidity sensor

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