316 Micron Stainless Steel Air Aerator Stone Diffusion Stone Used in Microalgae Photosynthesis

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    Bioreactors are ‘walls’ of water-filled clear tubes that allow photosynthesis, where microalgae grow with the addition of carbon dioxide.

    In bioreactors, optimal mass transfer of gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide is difficult to accomplish. HENGKO air diffuser stone greatly increases mass transfer rates. The introduction of gases into stirred or unstirred reactor vessels via millions of tiny bubbles increases the gas-to-liquid contact areas allowing for optimal mass transfer rates. Thus, the reaction time can be reduced to the maximum extent.

    HENGKO 316 microns stainless steel air aerator stone diffusion stone used in microalgae photosynthesis


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    Micro-diffuser for Microalgae Cultivation


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