Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger HK-J9A205 HENGKO

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    The HK-J9A205 data loggers use HENGKO’s proprietary wireless technology to monitor environments ranging from warehouses to production areas, to cleanrooms and laboratories. HENGKO wireless technology provides a robust wireless signal that is extremely reliable over long distances and in complex, obstructed conditions. This wireless technology allows each data logger’s signal to travel over 100 m without the aid of signal amplifiers or repeaters. The HK-J9A205 data loggers combine with Smart logger software.

    HK-J9A205 wireless data loggers connect to the network, with direct access to PDF or CSV format of data record documents. The data loggers are ideal for monitoring, alarming, and reporting temperature and humidity in controlled environments. The HK-J9A200 is also available as a temperature only data logger.

    • Reliable temperature and relative humidity measurement precision
    • Dedicated mounting bracket mounting
    • Each data logger uses standard alkaline batteries, typical battery life of 18 months, no need for costly battery replacements between recommended calibrations
    • Cost-effective alternative to chart recorders


    HENGKO Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger HK-J9A205 for wireless monitoring of controlled areas

    USB Temperature and humidity data logger


    Humidity range

    Temperature range

    Storage capacity




    32000 data




    32000 data




    65000 data


    0-100%RH(High precision)


    65000 data

    PDF Temperature and humidity data logger




    16000 data




    16000 data

    Temperature humidity data logger

    Handheld portable design
    Standard 1. 5m long temperature and humidity data logger. 1. 5m can be upgraded to 3m \ 5m \ 10m, and another cable length.
    2、USB HK-J9A1xx series adopts TF card, file system, and other mass storage technology, using a 3V coin cell battery.
    3, PDF HK-J9A2xx series for low-power type using new energy-saving materials + energy-saving technology, a more stable main chip, and a long recording time. Still, the cost is high than the USB HK-J9A1xx series price is also high.
    4, the higher the accuracy, the higher the cost of components, and the more difficult, the higher the price.
    5, all recorders use massive recording technology, can store more than 16000 records, the product features advanced, more cost-effective, please choose according to your needs.

    humidity data logger -DSC_8442

    Operation Instruction
    USB Temperature and humidity recorder -DSC 7851

    01. TEMP/RH Button: Press for 3 seconds

    Power on if the data logger is off.
    Start recording if you select start mode “By Button”.

    02. Set parameters on the Smart Logger

    Set the recording interval, blinking interval, and number of records.

    03. Start it by long pressing TEMP/RH button

    Place data logger in the environment where you are needed.


    USB temperature and humidity logger

    temperature humidity recorder

    One-click networking upgrade

    Data cloud storage compliance safety

    humidity recorder

    Automatic report generation

    (Various formats)

    USB temperature humidity data logger

    USB plug and play, PDF formats

    USB humidity monitoring system 1_11

    USB interface to read the data

    Without any extra connector, plug the data logger into the computer USB connector, the report can be exported directly.

    USB humidity monitoring 1_11

    Direct read PDF report

    Without any software, connect the data logger and computer, the report of temperature and humidity measuring data will automatically generate.

    wireless temperature and humidity data logger
    RHT30 IP67 relative humidity and temperature transmitter RHT-HT-802P (5)

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