Aeration Stone Brewing

Aeration Stone Brewing for Beer Industry, O.E.M Any Size and Sharp Diffusion Stone For Different Requirements, Contact HENGKO to Supply Best Solution for Diffusion Stone

 Aeration Stone Brewing and Diffusion Stone Professional Supplier 


HENGKO Brewing Stainless Steel 2 Micron Aeration Stones are threaded and can be used with an oxygen source

or aeration pump to aerate the wort before fermentation, provide oxygen to your yeast for pre-fermentation, or provide

carbon dioxide to speed up beer carbonation.


Focus on sintered stainless steel filter and diffuse stone over 20 years, HENGKO can supply top-quality Industry and

Home Brewing Stainless Steel 2 Micron Aeration Stones, CE standard and Fast Delivery. 


You Can Use Our Aeration Stone for Home and Industry Brewing 

1. As Quick beer carbonation stone 

2. Make Soda Water 

3.  Sparkle Water

4.  Hydrogen Rich Water


Diffusion Stone for home brewing


For Aeration Stone, Please Be careful not to touch the stone with your bare fingers! Oil in the skin can clog tiny pores.

Please handle with gloves.

To clean, lift from the wort and dip into the no-rinse sanitizer with the pump still running; then remove from the sanitizer

and dry. Boiling or soaking this stone can cause clogged pores because of their small size, making them difficult to

remove without drying for a long time. 


Here Below is Details of Aeration Stone Brewing and Diffusion Stone We Can Manufacturing for You. 

What HENGKO Can Supply  


1.  Material : 316 L Stainless Steel 

1.  O.E.M Shape : Cone-shaped, Flat-shaped,Cylindrical 

2.  Customize Size, Height, Wide, OD, ID 

3.  Customized Pore Size / Apertures from 0.1μm - 120μm 

4.  Customize Thickness   

5.  Mono-layer, Multi-layer, Mixed Materials 

6. Integrated Design with 304 Stainless Steel Housing and Air Nozzles


 For Your More O.E.M Details, Please Contact HENGKO Today ! 


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 Diffusion Stone for brewing and food application



Why HENGKO Aeration Stone Brewing like Beer


◆ Durable -- Made of 316 stainless steel,anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant and durable 


◆ Not Easy Blocking -- Millions of tiny pores make it can carbonation beer and soda prior to

    fermentation quickly,the micron stone is ideal to force carbonate your kegged beer or as an

    aeration stone prior to fermentation.Not easy to get clogged as long as it's ungreasy


◆ Better Choise for Home Brewing -- A must have for Homebrewers who Carbonate in Kegs Made

    of stainless steel 316, better than stainless 304. Perfect for carbonation of Beer or Soda.


◆ Easy Use -- Just you can do is to connect your oxygen regulator or aeration pump to the stainless

   steel diffusion stone and aerate your wort as beer flows through the line. Connects inline with any

   kettle, pump, or counterflow/plate wort chiller  


◆ Wholesale Beer Carbonation Stone from Factory Directly, Factory Price , No Middle Man 


◆ Supply O.E.M Beer Diffusion Stone As Your Require, Fast Design and Manufacturing about 10-30 days. 


 Diffusion Stone for beer brewing



Questions Guide about the Aeration Stone Brewing 


What is Aeration Stone ? 

A simple definition for Aeration Stone has many names, and some people call diffusion stones or 'Air Stones',

which are common. Used to aerate the wort before fermentation, which helps ensure a healthy start to the

fermentation process. Diffusion Stones can be attached to compressed oxygen tanks or air pumps

(such as those used with aquariums).



What does a carbonation stone do ? 

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How long does a carbonation stone last?

Do beer stones work?

How do you clean carbonation stones?   

Can you boil a carb stone? 

What is a diffusion stone? 

How do you use a spike carb stone?  


Any other questions for Aeration Stone or  Diffusion Stone , please feel free to contact us 






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