Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter with Data Logger

Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter Are Designed to Measure Ambient Temp & Relative Humidity,Quick Response Times Allow for Various Applications,Contact HENGKO For Factory Price Today.


High Precision Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter Supplier 

In the daily monitoring process, the staff will encounter some places that need temporary monitoring. Still, there is

no environment where temperature and humidity sensors are installed, especially in outdoor experiments that

confirm environmental data. At this time, a portable temperature and humidity sensor recorder are needed.

There will be higher requirements for portable temperature and humidity recorders than normal Temperature

and Humidity Transmitter.


So What kind of Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter HENGKO can Supply for you ? 

please check if meet your requirement : 

First we supply two kind of Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter 

1.  USB Temperature and Humidity Meter Data Logger 

      This USB Type Meter, allows you to mount the sensor securely in the environment to be

      monitored, with a matching wall mount bracket. 

2.  Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter Data Logger  

      The Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter main for you to check the temperature

      and humidity of an environment anywhere, anytime.

3.   You can also add the Special Temperature And Humidity Probe and Sensor Housing

       for the Handheld Meter.


Handheld Temperature and Humidity Meter for sale from HENGKO


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Main Features : 


1. Easy to carry, small size, and lightweight

2. Low power consumption, long standby time, and external power supply

3. Fast response for collecting and analyzing data 

4. The analysis data is accurate, and the error is small

5. Multi-functional can measure ambient temperature and humidity at the same time,

    dew point calculation, wet bulb calculation

6. Wide range of measurable temperature. -40° to +125°

7. Can Store More data. - HK-J8A102 can store about 99-times

8. Reserved USB interface, IOT interface  





Where need the temperature and humidity detected?

1. Liquid Measurements

2. Data Centers

3. Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

4. Power 

5. Ground Transportation

6. Meteorology

7. Renewable Energy

8. Weather and Environment

9. Industry Measurements

10. Agriculture

11. Food Storage, Material Storage


Temperature and Humidity Meter Application form many industry


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