Nitrogen Filtration

Nitrogen Filtration

Nitrogen Filtration Elements OEM Manufacturer


HENGKO as a premier OEM manufacturer of nitrogen filtration elements, skillfully combining cutting-edge

technology with innovative design to produce superior nitrogen gas tubes and cartridges. Recognized for dedication

to quality and precision, We offers a diverse portfolio of nitrogen filtration products, tailored to meet the specific

requirements of your nitrogen filtration system.


Whether you are in need of a standard size or a custom-designed solution, HENGKO's engineering prowess ensures

the delivery of highly efficient and durable filtration elements. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every product,

making HENGKO to be a go-to choice for industries seeking to maintain the purity and performance of

many nitrogen gas filtration applications. 


HENGKO supply seamless blend of reliability, functionality, and customization, positioning them

as one of the best in the nitrogen filtration sector. 


If You also like to Custom Nitrogen Filtration Elements for Your Nitrogen System, please feel

free to contact us by email for more details and price ! 


Normally You can OEM Some details of sintered stainless steel filters or other options

based on your filtration system needs. 

The following requirements should be considered:

1. Pore size  

2. Micron rating  

3. Required flow rate   

4. Filter media to be used   


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Types of Nitrogen Filtration


Nitrogen filtration elements are crucial components in ensuring the purity of nitrogen gas used in

various industrial applications. These elements target specific contaminants that can enter the nitrogen

stream during production, storage or transportation. Here are the common types of nitrogen filtration elements:

1. Depth filters:

   These filters, often made of pleated paper or synthetic fibers, trap contaminants throughout

their structure. They are effective in removing larger particles like dust, rust, and pipe scale.


2. Coalescing filters:



    These filters use a fine mesh to capture liquid aerosols and mists suspended in the


nitrogen gas. The fibers in the mesh cause water droplets to combine (coalesce) into larger drops that can


then be drained from the filter element.



Image of Coalescing filter nitrogen filtration element
Coalescing filter nitrogen filtration element


3. Membrane filters:




These filters use a thin, selective membrane to allow nitrogen gas to pass through while


blocking contaminants.


They are effective in removing very fine particles, bacteria, and viruses.



  1. Image of Membrane filter nitrogen filtration element
Membrane filter nitrogen filtration element


4. Activated carbon filters:




These filters use specially treated carbon granules with a large surface area to trap and


adsorb organic contaminants, 

odors, and oil vapors that may be present in the nitrogen gas.

Image of Activated carbon filter nitrogen filtration element
Activated carbon filter nitrogen filtration element


5. Sintered metal filters:    



These filters are made from compressed metal powder that is sintered (fused) at high temperatures to


create a rigid, porous structure. They are very effective in removing fine particles and can withstand


high pressures and temperatures. 

Image of Sintered metal filter nitrogen filtration element
Sintered metal filter nitrogen filtration element


Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your nitrogen filtration system with HENGKO's expertly designed nitrogen

filtration elements. As a leading OEM Sintered metal filter manufacturer, we specialize in customizing solutions

that perfectly align with your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for standard sizes or unique designs,

our team is here to deliver excellence. Don't settle for anything less than the best.


Contact us today at to discuss your needs and explore how our nitrogen gas tubes and

cartridges can transform your filtration system.


Let HENGKO be your partner in achieving unparalleled purity and performance.

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