Sintered Metal Cartridge Filter

Sintered Metal Cartridge Filter

Sintered Metal Cartridge Filter OEM Factory


HENGKO is a distinguished Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in the

field of sintered metal cartridge filters.

 Sintered Metal Cartridge Filter OEM Factory


We offer custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of your gas or liquid filtration projects

or equipment. Whether you require a small-sized filter, a specific pore size, or a cartridge with

a complex structure, HENGKO's proficiency in sintered stainless steel technology ensures that

your filtration needs are met with precision and efficiency.


By focusing on high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, HENGKO

delivers unparalleled performance and reliability in filtration solutions, making it the go-to partner

for businesses seeking excellence in your filtration systems.



If you also looking for customizing Sintered Meta; Cartridge Filters, please confirm the following

specification requirements. So then we can recommend more suitable sintered filters

or sintered stainless steel filters or other options based on your filtration system needs.

The following requirements should be considered:

1. Pore size 

2. Micron rating 

3. Required flow rate  

4. Filter media to be used   


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