Air Stone Diffuser

Aeration stone application2

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Air Stone Diffuser

Typical Applications

Sintered air stone diffusers are often used for porouse gas injecting. They have different pore sizes(0.5um to 100um) allowing small bubbles to flow through it. They can be used for gas transfer aeration, generating high volumes of fine, uniform  bubbles often used for the treatment of wasewater, volatile stripping and steam injection. With greater gas and liquid contact  area, the time and volume required to dissolve gas into liquid is reduced. This is accomplished by reducing the bubble size,  which creates many tiny, slow moving bubbles that result in a large increase in absorption.


Typical Applications
  • Water Treatment (PH Control)
  • Biofuel/Fermentation (Oxygenation)
  • Wine Production (O2 Stripping)
  • Beer Production (Carbonation)
  • Chemical Production (Volatile Stripping/Reactions)
  • Mining (Agitation)



HENGKO delivers industry-leading solutions across a multitude of markets. Our high performing filters products devices are highly customizable. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll collaborate with you to create a custom product.

Sparger types

Replacable micro air stone diffuser

1/2'' NPT X Barb Inline Diffusion Stone

Oxygenation Kit 3/16'' Wand Diffusion Stone

Replacable micro spargers

Replacable gas diffusers

Tri Clamp Sparger Pipe


Science for Life Health

Spargers used in the manufacturing of various beverages. HENGKO porous metal spargers improve gas absorption in liquid by 150% to 300% over drilled pipe spargers. The tiny pores generate tiny bubbles which greatly improve mass transfer rates while reducing gas usage. These spargers are used in a wide variety of beverage manufacturing processes, such as carbonation, oxygen stripping, and oxygenation.