Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter with Porous Stainless Steel, Brozen Materials,Supply Best Filiter Solution for Your Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Project


Any Shape Stainless Steel Mesh Filter OEM Factory in China


HENGKO Stainless Steel Mesh Filter is widely used in many industries requiring domestic and industrial fields.

Stainless Steel Mesh Filters can be made of mesh and sintered stainless steel. Stainless steel mesh filters are

suitable for filtration in negative ecological problems. We fabricate personalized made-to-order stainless-steel

filters of varying dimensions in single or multiple layers of the woven cord mesh. The stainless-steel weaving

designs include plain, twill, typical dutch, and turn-around dutch weaves. These stainless steel mesh filters

can be marked, sintered, soldered, bonded, and rolled to size.

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HENGKO Mainly Supplies 3-Kinds of Mesh Filters by Production Process :

1. Sintered Wre Mesh

2. Normal Mesh Stainless Steel Filters, 3 Layer or 5 Layers Layer Mesh Filter, OEM Avaliable

3. Mesh Integrated Sintered with the Melt 316L, 304 Stainless Steel Housing Type 


Main Types of  Stainless Steel Mesh Filter  

1.  stainless steel mesh disc

2.  stainless steel mesh tube 

3.  stainless steel mesh cartridge or cup  

4.  stainless steel mesh plate 

5.  stainless steel mesh sheet


Sure, We can supply OEM service, the mesh filters accept custom sizes, so it's available for you to customize filter
mesh in different sizes. The size and distribution of the holes are decided by selecting different wire diameters,
aperture sizes, mesh layers, and weaving methods of the wire mesh. 


What Kind of Stainless Steel Mesh Filter HENGKO can Supply 


1. O.E.M Size of Mesh: Any width and Any length 

2. Custom Shape as you require / 3d Design  

3. Customized with different Pore Size from 0.2μm - 120μm 

4. Customize different Thickness: 1.0 - 100mm 

5. Single layer mesh, Multi-layer, Mixed Materials, 316L,316 stainless steel. , Inconel powder, copper powder,

   Monel powder, pure nickel powder, stainless steel wire mesh, or felt 

6. Integrated sintering design with 304 stainless steel or other melt housing  


 Then, if you also have filtration project need to custom special Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Disc, Tube etc,

You are welcome to contact us by emial or you can click as follow button to send inquiry

to Contact us page. we will send back you asap within 24-Hours.


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Main Feature of Stainless Steel Mesh Filters : 

1. the Vast array of filtration scores to avoid any size of particles

2. Wire mesh can be custom fabricated to any shape or application  by stamped or cut

3. Easy to Clean and backwash

4 Conveniently workable, Special styles for flexibility in industrial fields

5. Improved mechanical strength with excellent resilience Suitable under thermal and

    also extremely corrosive problem

6. Mesh can be marked or reduced to the size

7. Wire mesh can be rolled, welded, sintered, and soldered 

8. Easy to clean and backwash 


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4 - Function of Stainless Steel Mesh Filters 

1. To clear away undesirable fragments as well as impurities from various fluids

2. To finish the filtration procedure efficiently

3. To change traditional filter mesh under harsh environment 

4. Prevent damage to equipment 


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Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Application 01 Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Application 02


Application of Stainless Steel Mesh Filter : 

  1. Aerospace

  2. Chemical industry and oil/gas industries

  3. Edible oil Industry

  4. Metals and mining industry

  5. Solvents, Paints

  6. Pharmaceutical industry

  7. Water and Waste Management

  8. High viscosity liquids

  9. sea-water desalination

  10. Food and Beverage

  11. Filtration, Sifting, Sizing

  12. Vents

  13. Baskets

  14. Strainers

  15. Faucet Screens

  16. Insect Screens

  17. Decorative wire mesh grilles

  18. Guards

  19. Decorative/craft applications



How to Customize Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 

if you have Special Requirements for Sintered Stainless Steel Filter for your projects and can not find the

same or similar Filter products, Welcome to contact HENGKO to work together to find the best solution,

and here is the process of O.E.M Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter


OEM Order Process List 

1. Consultation and Contact HENGKO At First

2. Co-Development

3. Make a Contract 

4. Design & Development

5. Customer Appoval

6. Fabrication /Mass Production

7. System assembly

8. Test & Calibrate

9. Shipping & Installation  


OEM Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Process Chart


What HENGKO Can Supply For Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 


HENGKO Support Various Applications on your Different requirements for Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter with

customize and innovative designs as clients requirements  Our Stainless Mesh Filter have a long-standing history

of being commonly used in superior industrial filtration, dampening, sparger, sensor protection, pressure regulation

and many  more applications. 


 Sintered Mesh Filter Industry Top Manufacturer of Over 20-years

 Unique Designs as Different size, Melt, Layers and Shapes 

✔ Top Quality CE Standard to manufacturing, Stable shape, Meticulous Work 

 Fast Solution for after-sale service 

 Many Experience in Various filters Applications in Chemical, Food, and Beverage Industries etc


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In the past 20-years, HENGKO work for many famous university all over the wold, especial the lab of university, Physics

and Chemistry Laboratory, R&D laboratories of various chemical, petroleum, and food products, R&D and production

departments of production enterprises,we got many projects experience in the stainless steel mesh filter, sintered mesh

filter, so we can fast supply you perfect solution for your devices and project. 


Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Partner with HENGKO Filter


FAQ for Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 


1. Can you make 5 micron stainless steel mesh filter ?

    Yes, we can OEM any size and any thickness 5 micron stainless steel mesh filter,

     or 5 Micron 3 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh, 5 Micron 5 Layer Sintered Stainless Mesh 

       Also, we can custom any pore size, like 0.2 - 200 micron Stainless Steel Mesh Filter for

     your projects.  


2. What Does the Stainless Steel Mesh Do?

Stainless steel mesh is a metal screen made using stainless steel wire or other alloys. It is

commonly used in various applications, including filtration, sieving, straining, and screening.

The mesh is typically used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical

processing, mining, and consumer products. Because stainless steel is resistant to corrosion

and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it is an ideal material for use in the mesh. The mesh

can be made in various sizes and shapes, depending on the specific application it is intended for.


3. Why is Mesh Wire So Important?

Wire mesh is important in many industries and applications because of its versatility, strength,

and durability. It is used in many applications, including filtration, sieving, straining, and screening,

and is commonly used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and mining.

Mesh wire is also used in consumer products, such as screens for doors and windows.


4. How Does Wire Mesh Work? 

Wire mesh is a grid or screen made up of interconnected wire strands. It is used in various

applications, including filtration, sieving, straining, and screening. For mesh, a material sample

is placed on top of the mesh, and the mesh is shaken or vibrated. The material will pass through

the openings in the mesh, but any particles or objects that are too large to pass through the

mesh will be retained on top of the mesh. It allows the material to be separated into different

size ranges or components.


5. Are Metal Mesh Filters Good?

Metal mesh filters are a type of filter that uses a mesh made of metal wire or other alloys to

remove particles or other materials from a fluid or gas. They are commonly used in various

industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and mining,

as well as in consumer products. Metal mesh filters are generally considered effective and

reliable for many filtration applications. They are durable, have a high strength-to-weight ratio,

and resist corrosion, making them well-suited for use in a wide range of environments.

In addition, metal mesh filters can be easily cleaned and reused, which makes them

cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


6. Is Stainless Steel Mesh Food Safe?

Stainless steel mesh special 316L stainless steel mesh filter is generally considered

safe for food processing and handling. Stainless steel is a non-toxic and non-leaching

material, which means it does not release any substances into food that could harm

human health. In addition, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean,

making it an ideal material for food processing and handling applications.

How do you clean a stainless steel mesh filter?

There are several methods for cleaning the stainless steel mesh filter, depending on the

specific type of filter and the amount of cleaning needed. Here are some general steps

that you can follow in cleaning a stainless steel mesh filter:

1. Rinse the filter with water to remove any loose debris or particles. 

2. If the filter is not too dirty, you can use a soft-bristled brush or a soft cloth to gently scrub

away any remaining dirt or grime.

3. If the filter is very dirty, you can soak it in warm water and mild detergent for a few minutes

to loosen any stubborn dirt or grime.

4. Rinse the filter thoroughly with water to remove any soap or cleaning solution.

5. Dry the filter completely before using it again.

It is important to avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes, as these can damage the

mesh and reduce its effectiveness. Drying the filter before using it again is also important,

as moisture can cause the mesh to rust or corrode.



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