Diffusion Stone and Carbonation Stone

O.E.M Diffusion Stone and Carbonation Stone,Supply Sintered Aeration Stone for Laundry Industry,Shrimp Farming,Beer Ferment ect, Contact Us to Custom Your Diffusion Stone.

Custom Any Metal Diffusion Stone and Carbonation Stone

for Gas Sparger Manufacturer 


Do you Know How the Beer / Coca Cola Made ? 

Carbonation Stones, Actually not really stone, it is main made with porous metal like stainless steel etc, also

named 'Air Stones', main manufacture with sintered stainless steel in the market, are normally used to aerate

wort before fermentation, which helps ensure a healthy start to the fermentation process.


Diffusion Stones can be attached to compressed oxygen tanks or air pumps (such as those used with aquariums).

Dissolve different gases, such as Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, ChlorineOzone etc into liquids, in order to form

liquids rich in corresponding gases.

 OEM diffusion stone

This "Stone" is made of stainless steel, so it's durable, easy to clean, and won't crumble in your wort after a few

uses like other materials! Less air pressure is required to force gas through the the 2 µm stone compared to

stones with smaller pores, making the 2 µm stainless metal diffusion stone good for use with small air pumps.


The Diffusion Stone is also suitable for force carbonation of beer inside a keg. But the larger bubbles produced

by the 2 micron pore size will limit the absorption rate of gas into the beer.


As a professional powder metal industry manufacturer, HENGKO has over 20+ years to make any kind of 

Diffusion Stone for any application requirement. We can supply full air stone solution for your application and

Custom all details of the diffusion stone as following: 

1. Appear Size :  Normal size we cab supply D1/2"*H1-7/8" , 0.5 um - 2 um with 1/4" Barb  - 1/8" Barb  

2. Materials:  Sintered Stainless steel 316L, 366, Monel, Nickel

3.  Pore Size : From 0.2 - 120 um 

4. O.E.M Install End With Female Thread,  Flare thread or with Wand 

5. Can Customize diffusion Stone with Flange Plate when you need to fixed installation 


So, Where do you want the diffusion stone or Carbonation Stone to use for your projects ?

Contact us for your project requirement, and let us talk more details.


contact us icone hengko  


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Maybe you don't know the Diffuser Stone Start to use to many underwater aquaculture,

Because sintered metal air stone is better than normal air diffuser. main advantage as follow:

1. Strong and durable, not easy to damage
2. Different apertures can be customized according to different animal and plant oxygen requirements
3. Different shapes and structures can be customized to suit different farms
4. Can withstand more stress
5. Anti-corrosion, prevent rust, high-grade food application grade 316L stainless steel
6. It can be cleaned and used repeatedly, with a lifespan of up to 3 years 



Always, some people get confuse on air diffuser and air stone, so what is difference, air diffuser vs air stone ? 

you can check above link to know details. 

Then if still have more questions for the Carbonation Stone, please feel free to contact us by follow

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