porous metal sheet

porous metal sheet

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  HENGKO is an esteemed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing 

in the production of porous metal sheets, particularly focusing on custom-made 

sintered stainless steel sheet elements tailored for a myriad of industrial applications. 

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  With a strong emphasis on innovation and quality, HENGKO harnesses advanced

sintering technology to create highly durable, precisely engineered porous metal components.

These components are integral for various sectors, including filtration, gas and fluid control,

and aeration, showcasing versatility and performance efficiency.


  HENGKO's commitment to customization allows you to meet specific industry requirements,

offering solutions that are not only effective but also enhance operational excellence. Full expertise

in working with sintered stainless steel, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, ensures

that every product stands up to the most demanding conditions, reflecting the company's dedication

to delivering superior quality and reliability.  


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Types of Porous Metal Sheet ? 

Actually there are two main types of porous metal sheets you can find

in the porous metal sheet market :

1. Sintered metal sheets: 

These are made by compacting and sintering metal powders. The pores in these sheets are typically

interconnected and can vary in size and shape. Sintered metal sheets are often used in applications

where high strength and good filtration are required, such as in filters, heat exchangers, and sound dampeners.

Sintered Stainless  Steel Sheet OEM Factory
Sintered metal sheet 

2. Metal Foams: 

Metal foams are made by introducing gas bubbles into a molten metal and allowing it to solidify.

The pores in these sheets are typically closed-cell, meaning they are not interconnected. Metal foams are

often used in applications where lightweight and high strength are required, such as in aerospace and

automotive applications.


Metal  Foams Factory

Metal foam


Here are some other types of porous metal sheets:

1. Woven wire mesh: 

This type of mesh is made by weaving together thin wires. The pore size in woven wire mesh

can be controlled by the size of the wires and the weaving pattern. Woven wire mesh is often

used in applications where filtration and good flow properties are required, such as in screens and filters.

Sintered  Woven Wire Mesh
Woven wire mesh

2. Expanded metal: 

This type of sheet is made by slitting a solid sheet of metal in a specific pattern and then stretching it.

The pores in expanded metal are typically elongated and diamond-shaped. Expanded metal is often

used in applications where light weight and good strength are required, such as in safety guards and walkways.

Image of Expanded metal


Application of  Sintered Porous Metal Sheet


Sintered porous metal sheets are a versatile filtration media due to their unique properties.

Here are some of the applications you may used to :

* High-Temperature Environments: 

  Sintered metal filters can withstand very high temperatures, making them ideal for applications like hot gas filtration in power generation or the chemical processing industry.

* Harsh Chemical Environments: 

  Many sintered metal sheets are constructed from corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel or titanium. This allows them to be used in processes involving harsh chemicals without degrading.

* High-Pressure Applications: 

  The strong, rigid structure of sintered metal makes them suitable for high-pressure filtration systems used in various industries.

* Need for Precise Particle Control: 

  The pore size of sintered metal sheets can be precisely controlled during manufacturing. This allows for filtration of particles down to a specific size, which is crucial in industries like pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.

* Reusability and Regenerability: 

   Sintered metal filters can often be backwashed or cleaned, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective option compared to disposable filters.

Also Here are some industries that would particularly benefit from using sintered porous metal sheets in their filtration systems, you

can check if will be good for your system or device ? 

* Chemical Processing - For filtering corrosive liquids and gases, and catalysts from process streams.
* Petrochemical Industry - Effective in oil and gas production for removing contaminants and separating fluids.
* Power Generation - High-temperature filtration of gases in power plants.
* Pharmaceutical Industry - Ensuring sterility and purity of products by removing bacteria and particulates.
* Food & Beverage Industry - Filtration for clarifying liquids, and removing unwanted particles.
* Water Treatment - Contribuing to purification processes by removing impurities from water.

Overall, sintered porous metal sheets are a valuable tool for industrial filtration applications requiring durability, high-temperature resistance, precise filtration, and reusability.





1. What is a porous metal sheet, and how is it made?

A porous metal sheet is a type of material characterized by its permeable structure, made up of

interconnected pores or voids throughout its mass. These sheets are primarily produced through

a process known as sintering. Sintering involves compacting metal powder in a mold and then heating

it below its melting point. This heat treatment causes the metal particles to bond together without liquefying,

creating a solid structure with precisely controlled porosity.


The process allows for the manufacturing of sheets with varying pore sizes, shapes, and distribution,

tailored to specific applications. Sintered stainless steel sheets, for example, are widely used due to

their excellent mechanical properties, resistance to corrosion, and thermal stability.


2. What are the main applications of sintered stainless steel sheets?

Sintered stainless steel sheets are utilized in a wide range of applications due to their versatility and durability.

Some of the key applications include:

* Filtration:

Used in both gas and liquid filtration systems, they effectively remove particulate matter

due to their precise pore size.

* Sparging and Diffusion:

Ideal for gas-liquid reactions, aeration, and in brewing processes, where controlled

bubble size is crucial.

* Fluidization:

Employed in fluidized beds for various chemical processes, aiding in the even distribution

of gases through liquids or powders.

* Sensor Protection:

Shields sensitive components in harsh environments, preventing contamination

while allowing necessary environmental interactions.

* Catalyst Recovery and Support:

Provides an excellent platform for catalyst materials, facilitating

chemical reactions while allowing for easy recovery of precious catalysts.


3. How do you determine the appropriate pore size for a specific application?

Determining the appropriate pore size for a specific application involves considering

several factors, including the nature of the fluids or gases being processed, the types of

particles or contaminants to be removed, and the desired flow rate. For filtration applications,

the pore size is typically chosen to be slightly smaller than the smallest particle that needs

to be filtered out. In applications involving gas diffusion or sparging, the pore size affects the

size of the bubbles produced, which can significantly impact the efficiency of the process.


Consulting with porous metal sheet manufacturers like HENGKO can provide insights based on

extensive experience and technical expertise, ensuring the selection of an optimal pore size

for any given application.



4. What advantages do sintered stainless steel sheets offer over other materials?

Sintered stainless steel sheets offer several advantages over other materials, making them a

preferred choice for many industrial applications:

* Durability:

  Their high strength and resistance to wear and tear ensure long service life under challenging conditions.

* Corrosion Resistance:

  Stainless steel's inherent corrosion resistance is ideal for use in harsh chemical environments or

where exposure to corrosive elements is common.

* High-Temperature Stability:

   They can withstand high temperatures without degrading, making them suitable for use in heat exchangers,

high-temperature filters, and other applications requiring thermal stability.

* Chemical Compatibility:

  Stainless steel is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, reducing the risk of material degradation

and contamination.

* Cleanability and Sterilizability:

  Their smooth, non-porous surfaces can be easily cleaned and sterilized, crucial in pharmaceutical

and food and beverage applications.


5. Can sintered stainless steel sheets be customized for unique applications?

Yes, sintered stainless steel sheets can be extensively customized to meet unique application requirements.

Customization can include variations in pore size, thickness, sheet size, and shape, as well as the inclusion

of specific alloying elements to enhance particular properties such as conductivity or heat resistance.


Manufacturers like HENGKO specialize in working closely with clients to design and produce bespoke porous metal

solutions that precisely meet the specifications and performance criteria required for their applications.

This level of customization ensures that the final product can perform optimally in its intended environment,

whether it involves unique filtration needs, specialized chemical processing, or any other industry-specific application.


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