Industrial IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solution

Industrial IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Cloud Solution Make Possible for Long Range Industrial Wireless Monitoring Temperature and Humidity


Industrial IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solution Supplier in China 


IoT temperature and humidity sensors provide remote monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, acceleration, proximity, etc.

They can be configured to transmit infrequently and run for years on the same replaceable battery. 


IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solutions


It means minimal maintenance and a monitoring network you can deploy and rely on. Our 4G intelligent remote controller adopts

an STM32 chip, adopts three-network full-band wireless communication technology, and self-developed "hardware and cloud

platform" interactive communication protocol, which can realize "intelligent 4G remote controller and cloud platform, user terminal,

PC terminal" unlimited distance data transmission, with high performance, low latency, and the possibility of large-scale networking.


So if you have project need do the long distance monitoring for the temperature and humidity,

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Why HENGKO's IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solution


Many industries have received attention for temperature and humidity control in recent years, among which agricultural

soil temperature and humidity control have received great attention.


HENGKO's iot temperature monitoring system use front-end recording instruments to complete the 

monitoring and summary of the content of environmental monitoring factors, conversion, transmission, and other

work monitoring. The data includes air and humidity, air humidity, soil temperature, and soil humidity. Monitoring

parameters will be measured through the terminal recorder and will upload the collected monitoring data to the

environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G signals.


The whole system is safe and reliable. Timely, comprehensively, real-time, fast, and efficient presentation of the 

monitored data to the information personnel to be controlled 


Powerful data processing and communication capabilities, using computer network communication technology,

online viewing of temperature and humidity changes at monitoring points to achieve remote monitoring. Can

be monitored the system in the duty room, and the leader can easily watch and monitor it in his own office. 




Main Features of Industrial IoT Temperature and Humidity Monitor System Solution: 


1. Large-scale networking, cross-platform detection 

2. Data temperature transmission

3. Highly reliable meteorological and environmental anomalies automatic warning

4. Scientific planting package (under development)

5. Low cost saves more input for farmers

6. Built-in 21700 battery, long-lasting battery life. 3 years without battery replacement

7. Customized solar panels

8. Multi-terminal compatibility, easier to view

9. Multi-platform data on mobile phones and computers can be viewed anytime, anywhere,

    and you don't need to install a special APP program. You can view it by scanning

10. Don't worry about missing data viewing, a variety of early warning and alarm methods

11. One-click sharing, support up to 2000 people to watch





  The temperature and humidity monitoring system is widely used and almost meets the temperature

   and humidity monitoring needs of various industries:


The Main Applications

1. Daily Life Places:

    Classrooms, offices, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.

2. Important Equipment Operating Places:

    Substation, main engine room, monitoring room, base station, substation

3. Important Material Storage Places:

   Warehouse, granary, archives, food raw material warehouse

4. Production : 

   Workshop, laboratory

5. Cold chain transportation 

   Transportation of urban fruits and vegetables, remote transfer of frozen materials,

    transfer of medical materials 



What is IOT Temperature Monitoring System and Advantage,Features ? 


An IoT temperature monitoring system is a network of devices that are connected to the Internet and used to monitor and control the temperature of a specific environment or location. These systems typically consist of sensors, controllers, and actuators that are connected to a central server or cloud platform. The sensors collect temperature data and transmit it to the central server, where it can be analyzed and used to trigger actions, such as turning on a heating or cooling system.


The main advantage of an IoT temperature monitoring system is that it allows users to remotely monitor and control the temperature of a specific environment, which can help to optimize energy use and improve comfort. Other advantages include:


1. Improved accuracy: IoT temperature monitoring systems typically use high-precision sensors that can provide accurate and consistent temperature readings.

2. Enhanced security: An IoT temperature monitoring system can be configured to alert users if there are any deviations from normal temperature ranges, which can help to prevent potential problems, such as food spoilage or equipment damage.

3. Increased efficiency: By monitoring temperature in real-time, users can optimize energy use and reduce costs by only running heating and cooling systems when necessary.

4. Greater convenience: With an IoT temperature monitoring system, users can control and monitor the temperature of their environment from anywhere, using a smartphone or other device.



Some Main Features of an IoT temperature Monitoring System Include:


1. Remote monitoring and control:

    Users can access temperature data and control temperature settings remotely, using a smartphone or other device.


2. Alerts and notifications:

   Users can receive alerts or notifications if the temperature falls outside of a specific range or if there are other issues, such as low battery levels or sensor malfunctions.


3. Data analysis and reporting:

    Users can access historical temperature data and generate reports to understand trends and identify potential issues.


4. Integration with other systems:

    IoT temperature monitoring systems can often be integrated with other systems, such as heating and cooling systems, to allow for more advanced control and automation.



Frequently Asked Question


Here are some frequently asked questions about IoT temperature and humidity monitoring systems:

1. What is the accuracy of the sensors?

    The accuracy of the sensors can vary depending on the specific system. It is important to choose a system with high-precision sensors to ensure accurate and consistent readings.


2. How often do the sensors collect data?

    The frequency of data collection can vary depending on the specific system. Some systems may collect data continuously, while others may collect data at set intervals.


3. How is the data transmitted and stored?

    The data collected by the sensors is typically transmitted to a central server or cloud platform using a wireless network, such as WiFi or Bluetooth. The data is then stored on the server or in the cloud for analysis and access by the user.


4. Can the system be accessed remotely?

    Most IoT temperature and humidity monitoring systems can be accessed remotely using a smartphone or other device, allowing users to monitor and control the system from anywhere.


5. How is the system powered?

    IoT temperature and humidity monitoring systems can be powered in a variety of ways, including using batteries, wall outlets, or solar panels. It is important to consider the power requirements of the system and choose a power source that is suitable for the specific application.


6. Can the system be integrated with other systems? 

    Some IoT temperature and humidity monitoring systems can be integrated with other systems, such as HVAC systems or lighting systems, to allow for more advanced control and automation.



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