Indoor Iot Smart Plant Monitoring & Control Platform – Grow Room Humidity (RH) And Temperature For Indoor Plants

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    According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, global food production needs to increase 70% by 2050 in order to keep up with rising populations. Additionally, shrinking agricultural lands and decreased availability of finite natural resources are putting farmers under immense pressure to boost their land's productivity without harming the environment.


    Making the right decisions without real time data can be hard

    A growing population demands more produce with higher standards for quality, regardless of the environmental challenges caused by weather conditions and climate change. Your farm can adopt new technologies to gain an edge.

    At HENGKO, we have a range of Agriculture IoT solutions that can help farmers deploy high-tech farming techniques to improve the efficiency of their day-to-day work. Using sensors and smartphones, farmers can now remotely monitor their equipment and crops in real-time, and utilize predictive analytics to predict when issues will happen.


    Solution Feature

    • IoT Smart Plant Monitoring & Control Platform helps farmers reduce workload and improve manpower shortages, using the front-end environmental sensors, monitoring systems, and equipment controllers to maintain the field and monitor the crops conditions remotely.
    • With the environmental sensors, monitor systems, and equipment controllers receiving data, such as light, temperature and humidity at the front-end environment, The IOT gateway system uses cloud computing and wireless technologies to collect those data or transmit control signals to the front-end equipment to maintain the growth environment.
    • Data collected to cloud storage device can be stored and proceed data analysis. Farmers can go to the database to retrieve information on the growth environment of each batch of crops, and do comparison & analysis on the harvests, in order to achieve optimal growth environment of the plant.


    Trial Application and Expected Outcome

    • Users can get real-time analysis of temperature, moisture, humidity, pH value, EC value and Co2 etc.
    • Communication uses long-range low-power transmission module, which flexibly supports detection of various sensor connections.
    • Users can use mobile phones, tablets and other Web terminals to grasp the real-time environmental information of the plantation and obtain abnormal alarm information in time.
    • The system can set the upper and lower thresholds of different environmental parameters of each plant. Once the threshold is exceeded, the system can alert the corresponding manager according to the system configuration.



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