HENGKO HT-P301 handheld humidity meter for Hay and straw

HENGKO HT-P301 handheld humidity meter for Hay and straw

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    hengko advantage Probe for relative humidity and air temperature measurements

    Measurements of the material equilibrium moisture content possible

    Temperature measuring range: -40 to +125 °C

    In combination with the HENGKO humidity transmitter, the robust humidity probe measures the humidity and temperature of the air. Because the probe can be used up to 125 °C, it also enables measurements in air exhaust ducts. In addition, it is suitable for measuring the material equilibrium moisture content, for example in bulk materials.

    HENGKO temperature and humidity sensor with extension probe adopt high precision RHT series sensor for measuring the temperature and humidity of the milling grain of wheat, barley, rye, or hay and straw in the bales. It allows one to easily determine the suitability for storage and quality of hay and straw – important especially in agriculture, stock breeding, and horse keeping. 

    The newly designed moisture meter with extensive probes suits many materials' moisture content testing.

    Widely used for wood fiber, hay, Chinese medicine, bran, straw, and other un-electric materials.


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    HENGKO hand-held digital temperature and relative humidity meter transmitter sensor for Hay and straw

    Small size, light weight, strong anti-interference performance, can be carried on the spot for quick detection. Convenient handle and durable 20"L probe design make it easy to push tester into crowl space.


    • Agriculture
    • Fire prevention
    • Hay and straw processing / stocking 
    • Hay ans straw trading 
    • Cattle breeding 
    • Horse keeping
    Which HT-E0 Series Humidity Probe is right for you ?
    humidity long rod probe -DSC 7123
    Stainless steel sintered humidity probe
    hengko humidity sensor probe
    humidity temperature sensor

    HENGKO HT-E062 Humidity Probes  - Advanced Interchangeable Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe

    With ss extension tube and waterproof cable gland(Φ5 cable)

    HT-E063 Industrial Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

    With SS extension tube with hexagon thread

    ATEX Humidity Probes HT-E064  - IP65 IP67 Waterproof  Relative Humidity Probe

    Temperature and humidity probe with SS extension tube and knurled nut waterproof cable gland

    Humidity and Temperature Probes HT-E066

    With SS extension tube

    The above probes are of existing specifications and can be customized according to your needs.

    HENGKO Temperature and Humidity probe data sheet~1
    humidity sensor probe length 300mm

    hengko certificate hengko Parners

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