Gas Sensor Housing

Gas Sensor Housing

Gas Sensor Housing and Metal Probe for for Gas Leak Detector, Gas Transmitter to help to Detect Any Gases in the Environment, Ensure Safety Production, Contact HENGKO for Gas Sensor Housing Price.


Variety Gas Sensor Housing and Gas Leak Detector Probe Manufacturers 


After Manufacture and Custom variety sintered metal filters for over 20 years and also started to design and O.E.M 

kinds of gas sensor housing Accessories for Gas detectors, Explosion Proof Gas detectors since 2010.


Till now, we can supply over 2000 kinds of metal gas sensor housing products, and also we supply not only

sintered metal disc for the gas sensor housing or an explosion-proof gas detector. sure for other metal Assembly

products, central for gas leak detection, can detect co2 detector, combustible gas、poisonous gases、oxygen,

ammonia, chlorine、, carbon dioxide detector, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and multi-gas detector as your

detector device requirements. 


custom Sensor Housing and Monitor Probe


Our top quality gas sensor housing can supply a variety of explosion-proof certificates for your local requirement;

it also can make full certificates such as CE, RHOS, SGS, and FCC quality are the primary, fantastic stability and

durability of the Gas Detector Assembly, for your after-sales service to reduce more trouble, cheer if there are

any needs and questions about this product. Please Get in Touch with Us us today!


HENGKO supply O.E.M Service to custom variety of complex gas sensor housings for improved system

performance, safety, accuracy, and efficiency. You can find Our high precision quality components in

critical applications withstanding challenging environmental factors.


Sensor Housing Service


About O.E.M Gas Sensor Housing Service 

1.   Any Shape : CNC Any shape as your design, with different design sensor housing

2.  Customize Size, Height, Wide, OD, ID 

3.  Customized Pore Size for the Sintered Stainless Steel Disc / Pore Size from 0.1μm - 120μm

4.  Customize Thickness of ID / OD 

5. Single layer, Multi-Layer, Mixed Materials  

6. Integrated design with 316L / 306 stainless steel housing  


What is Your Gas Sensor Housing ?We Can Customize for You. 

Any other questions and interested about the Gas Sensor Housing and Explosion Proof Gas Monitor Housing

You are welcome to send inquiry as follow link or send email by directly! 


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Main Features of Gas Sensor Housing or Detector Protector Probe Accessories

1. Compact, low-cost design.

2. No field gas calibration is required.

3. Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof.

4. Standalone gas detector with 4-20 mA output.

5. Universal control board. 

6. Long-life electrochemical sensors 

7.  Easy to installation 

8.  OEM / Custom 100% same as original gas sensor housing




1. High sensitivity to combustible gas in a wide range

2. Fast response

3. Wide detection range

4. Stable performance, long life, low cost 


FAQ for Gas Sesnor Assembly 

1. How to order and custom gas sensor from HENGKO ?

     You can just to do to send your design or your gas sensor / gas detector, we can 

     OEM the gas sensor housing and installation connector with your original gas sensor.


2.  What specification do i need to give to HENGKO when ask a quotation or OEM gas sensor housing ? 

      Nothing special, just show us your design or size you need to make.


3.  What is the moq if your project need to custom gas sensor housing? 

     Normal for the gas sensor housing, moq is 100pcs, will check your projects or if the

     gas sensor housing complex. 


4.  Normal how many days do HENGKO an finish and ready your order of sensor housing ?

      if not so complex housing manufacturing, normal need about 15-30days. 


5.  How Long can use for the sensor housing ?

     For lifespan of the 316L stainless steel sensor housing, can use over 5-10 years,

      then you can change new one.


6. What kind of certificates do we supply ? 

    Normally, we supply , CE, SGS, also we can make other Explosion proof certificate

    for special design gas sensor housing. 


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