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HENGKO is a solution provider of physical world perceptionand environmental measuring instruments. We aim at "high efficiency sensing、accuracte measuring" and continuously improve product performance and quality in order to make more effective and accurate monitoring of the environment, solve technical problems of temperature, humidity and dew point measurement, help you continuo-usly improve product competitiveness.

OEM Your Industrial Humidity Sensor

" Using our professional product knowledge and performance design to choose the right solution for you to meet the demanding measurement needs of industrial processes and environmental control "


Sensor Housing Development
Sensor Software Dvelopment
Humidity Sensor Applications Solutions

Our Sensors Are Used in Many Industrial Productions

Cold chain humidity measurement
Humidity Measurement in the equipment room
Greenhouse humidity measurement
Aircraft humidity survey
Industrial humidity measurement
Clean room humidity measurement
Warehouse humidity measurement
Subway humidity survey


HENGKO provides temperature and humidity test and measurement solutions to assist our customers to be able to find answers, remove doubts and make more informed decisions. Our products and services provide our customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment.

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