Temperature and Humidity Sensor Housing

Temperature Sensor Housing and Humidity Sensor Housing Supplier in China, To Protect the Humidity Sensor, Explosion-proof Device Sensor, Head Long-life Span, Get More Accurate Detection Data


Durable Temperature Sensor Housing and

Humidity Sensor Housing Manufacturer


Till Now, More and more sensor protector start to use sintered stainless steel materials, so here

is some advantages you need to know : 


About Sensor Housing Material: till now our sensor protect cover are made by sintered 316L

stainless steel powder material in high temperature. 

Main Advantages and Features :  

1.  High strength, Metal-like robust architecture, no extra brackets required 

2.  Dust-proof, High Temperature and High Pressure Resistant,  Corrosion Resistant 

     Effective protection of the sensor head from external environmental damage 

3.  Uniform pores, enables more accurate for testing and humidity monitoring

4.  Easy installation and replace also can remote connection and check the data in your PC  

5.  Easy to clean and reusable, 2-3 times longer service life than other sensor housing 

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Housing of HENGKO

Till now, The Stainless Steel Humidity Sensor Housing have been widely used in environmental protection,

petroleum, natural gas, chemical, environmental detection, instrumentation, pharmaceutical equipment

and other fields. Interested to Replace Your Sensor Housing For Your Devices ? You are welcome to

 Contact us to get your sensor housing price. 


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Why Work with HENGKO for the Humidity Sensor Housing ? 


In order to achieve accurate temperature and humidity detection, we use a sintered stainless steel sensor housing.

then For HENGKO, we have focus on the sintered melt filter and Sintered Stainless Steel Filter  over 20+ years,

and 5-years ago we started focus on sintered sensor housing , and have more and more options, till now we can

supply any design O.E.M sintered sensor housing for temperature and humidity sensor. till now HENGKO have to

be one of best Sensor Housing Manufacturers in China. 


What We Can Supply for You 

1.  Professional Solution for the Design for the Sensor Housing and Humidity Probe

2.  Fast Manufacturing and Delivery because of stock materials

3.  Supply Full O.E.M Sensor Housing Service, Make Your Design Fast



Where to Use for the Stainless Steel Humidity Sensor Housing ? 

1.  Humidity Sensor Protect Cover

2.  Temperature Sensor Probe Housing  

3.  P.H Sensor Housing & ORP Sensor Housing 

4.  Dew Point Transmitter Probe Sensor Cover 

5.  Gas Sensor Housing

6.  Outdoor Temperature Sensor Housing

7.  Explosion Proof Gas Detector

8.  More other Probe Housing

9.  Temperature And Humidity Probe





What Kind of Sensor Housing We Can Supply ?

We have main 3 kind of sensor housing

1.  Stainless Steel Female Thread 

2.  Stainless Steel  External Thread 

3.  Stainless Steel With Air Nozzle 

4. O.E.M Pore Size as your requirements. 


Temp Humidity Sensor Housing Design Connector Option


For the size of thread and nozzle, please confirm with salesman if we have

your same diameter before place the order . 

Also we supply O.E.M size service of the Female Thread, External Thread

and Air Nozzle. 


How to O.E.M Sensor Housing For Your Device ?  

Here is the O.E.M Sensor Housing Process List, Please Check it . 


HENGKO is Dedicated to Helping People Perceive, Purify and Use Matter More Effective !  

Making Life Healthier Over 20 Years. 

1. Consultation and Contact HENGKO

2. Co-Development

3. Make a Contract

4. Design & Development

5. Customer appoval

6. Fabrication /Mass Production

7. System assembly

8. Test & Calibrate

9. Shipping & Trainning

 OEM humidity-and-temperature-sensor-housing Process Chart



HENGKO, One of Experienced Factory that provides variety temperature and humidity sensor housing for

many applications with partner all over the world.



What is the Best Protect Housing for the Temperature

Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Gas Sensor, Pressure Sensor ? 


For Temperature Sensor, Always need one Housing to protect the sensor chip, Then one

important question for the temperature sensor housing. 

Here we listed 3 main requires for the sensor housing, please check it.

1. Need to ensure the gas is the same inside and outside the housing   

2. The Sensor Housing structure need to be strong, not easy to broken

3.  It's better the sensor can suitable for use in many different, inclement weather, temperature 


How do you think this answer ?  if so, the sintered 316L sensor housing will be one of your

best choice when you wholesale Temperature sensor housing or Humidity Sensor Housing. 

Because the sintered stainless steel is the better sensor housing materials.



Contact Us if Want to Customize temperature and humidity sensor Housing  for your sensor probe, please 

do not hesitate to send inquiry, we will reply within 48-hours. supply O.E.M Solution




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