Sintered Sparger

Sintered Sparger Manufacturer Supply Variety Sparger For Gas Sparging and Liquid Sparging


Sintered Sparger Leading Manufacturer 


What is Sintered Sparger ? 

Sintered Sparger also named Sintered metal sparger, also you can called porous metal sparger. it is a

industrial sparger tool transport the gas into liquid tank to ensure that bubbles are dispersed evenly

throughout the container.

The Porous sparger main use one of metal powder, such as stainless steel powder, bronze powder, 

Nickel powder etc to make the designed shape and sintering to be the gas sparger or liquid sparger

as your projects requires. the porous sparger can make any shape as your device requires.


SINTERED SPARGER Custom Manufacturer


For the Sintered Sparger have many application for variety gas sparger such as;

1. Nitrogen Sparger

2. Oxgen Sparger

3. Ozone Sparger

4. Nitrogen Sparger 

5. Carbon Dioxide Sparger

And many other gas sparger applications also need to use sintered metal sparger.


So if you have your own sparging equiment or tank sparger, then maybe you need to custom

special sparger tube for your gas sparger. you can custom some details as follow;

1.Size :  Normal size we cab supply D1/2"*H1-7/8" , 0.5um - 2 um with 1/4" Barb  - 1/8" Barb  

2. Materials:  Sintered Stainless steel 316L, Monel, Nickel 

3.  Pore Size : From 0.2 - 120um

4. O.E.M Install End With Female Thread,  Flare thread or with Wand 

5. Can Customize Porous Sparger with Flange Plate when you need to fixed installation 


So, Where do you want the sintered sparger to use for your sparging equipment ?

Contact us for your project requirement, and let us talk more details.


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For the working principle of Gas Sparger by the Sintered Metal Sparger, you can check as follow video.



So if you have any questions and interested for the Sintered Sparger or like to OEM your design sintered

metal sparger, you are welcome to contact us by email , or you can feel free to send

inquiry as follow form, please, we will send the reply within 24-hour with the gas sparger solution for your device.



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