Ozone Diffuser Stone

Ozone Diffuser Stone by Sintered Metal Filters

Stainless Steel Ozone Diffuser Stone by Sintered Porous Materials 


For Ozone, most is think is bad for earth, but in many industry, Ozone can help us a lot, It has a good

application effect in the fields of air sterilization, tap water disinfection, sewage treatment, waste gas

treatment, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, also more ozone diffusion stone used in laundry

industry, ozone diffusion stone used in pool ect 

 Ozone gas diffusion stone manufacturer

If you have some special projects need to use the special design of Stainless Steel Ozone Diffuser Stone,

we accept O.E.M Service to custom some details as follow: 

1.  Material : 316 L Stainless Steel( food grade)

2.  O.E.M Any Shape : Cone-shaped, Flat-shaped, Cylindrical 

3.  Customize Size, Height, Wide, OD, ID 

4.  Customized Pore Size / Pore Size from 0.1μm - 120μm 

5.  Customize Thickness of the sintered stainless steel

6.   With Install Mounting flange, female screw, male screw mounting interface

7. Integrated Design with 304 Stainless Steel Housing and Air Nozzles 


What is Your Application need to use our Metal Stainless Steel Ozone Diffuser Stone.

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Ozone Generator Function and Efficacy

Ozone is a gas with strong oxidizing properties, which is easy to decompose and difficult to store.

It can only be used on site. Ozone is naturally present in the environment, mostly concentrated in

the upper part of the atmosphere, helping to counteract UV radiation.


The role of the ozone generator is reflected in the ozone gas it generates. The ozone generator can

quickly kill various bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that make humans and animals sick. Ozone

is a very oxidizing gas. Using its oxidizing properties, it can destroy the biological structure of bacteria,

viruses and other microorganisms in a short time. The ozone generator makes them lose their viability.

It has a good application effect in the fields of air sterilization, tap water disinfection, sewage treatment,

waste gas treatment, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification. The ozone gas produced by the ozone

generator can be used directly, or it can be mixed with liquid through a mixing device to participate in

the reaction. Function and efficacy of ozone generator, ozone has five functions of sterilization,

detoxification, preservation, deodorization and bleaching.


1. Sterilization: It can quickly and completely remove viruses and bacteria in the air and water. The

     experimental report of the academic unit pointed out that when the ozone concentration in the

     water is 0.05ppm, it only takes 1 to 2 minutes.

2. Deodorization: Ozone can quickly and completely decompose various odors in water or air due

    to its strong oxidizing power.

3. Bleaching: Ozone itself is a strong bleaching agent, because ozone has a strong oxidizing power,

    hotels and prisons in the United States use ozone to treat clothes.

4. Preservation: Advanced countries in Europe and the United States have used ozone in the

    storage of various foods, which can reduce the damage rate of food, reduce costs and increase profits.

5. Detoxification: Due to the development of industry and commerce, the air and water are full of

    various substances that are toxic to the human body, such as carbon monoxide, pesticides, heavy

    metals, fertilizers, organic matter, odor, color, etc., which will be decomposed into pairs after ozone

    treatment. A harmless stable substance to the human body.


The above is the relevant introduction about the function and efficacy of the ozone generator.

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specializes in customizing various ozone aeration stone accessories. Welcome to send an inquiry

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