Sintered In-line Metal Gas Filter for Semiconductor Gas Purification System

Sintered In-line Metal Gas Filter for Semiconductor Gas Purification System

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    hengko advantageSintered in-line metal gas filters work to expel impurities including moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and metal carbonyls by using a reactive bed of material. Impurities are expelled from the gas stream in areas where traditional particle filtering is ineffective. Our materials provide background level contaminant removal without contributing metals or other harmful contaminants to the process stream. 


    All-metal high-flow filters satisfy the concerns and needs to supply particle-free process gas at the point of delivery. Inline metal gas filter is a sintered stainless steel metal filter with a stainless steel housing. We take the product from a sintered filter media (sintered stainless steel filter) all the way to the final product, a gas filter used in the production of products such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, and solar panels.


    Available with sintered metal filter filtration for all process gases. Comes in a variety of fitting types to meet our customers’ installation requirements. Available with 0.1 µm filtration technology to meet the most demanding needs of ultra-clean bulk gas delivery.


    Inert gases
    Noble gases
    Nonreactive gases
    Hyydride gases
    Perfluorocarbon and corrosive gases.

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