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HENGKO provides a comprehensive range of temperature and humidity transmitters and sensors

suitable for a variety of industrial environments and monitoring applications. Our product line includes 

advanced digital humidity and temperature sensors, along with other key components necessary for

effective and efficient monitoring. With a focus on delivering high-quality and reliable products,

HENGKO is committed to meeting the evolving needs of industries that require precise monitoring of

temperature and humidity.

1. Industry Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Transmitter

2. Handheld Humidity Temp Meter With Data Logger 

3. 200° degree High Temperature Humidity Temp Meter

4. Dew Point Sensor Transmitter

5. Temp Humidity IOT Cloud Solution.

6.  Wireless Temperature and humidity Transmitter


oem variety design temperature and humidity transmitter from hengko factory


We offer full OEM services for customizing the Main Probe for the Temperature and Humidity Sensor

or Transmitter to meet the specific requirements of your sensor or project.

1. Humidity sensor probe 

2. Temperature humidity probe

3. Relative humidity probe

4. RH Probe 


So What Item You Can Customize for Your Project ? 

1.  The Length of Wire, Wire Qualtiy

2.  The Probe Length

3.  Pore Size of the Probe

4.  Install Connect, like different size flange, Thread 

5.  The Length of Handheld probe

6.  OEM Your Brand 


All of these products have received international certifications such as CE, etc., and are commonly

used in various environments requiring temperature and humidity monitoring, such as communication

rooms, warehouses, food processing, pharmaceutical production, medical research, agriculture,

and self-control.


Temperature and Humidity Transmitter detect peanut rice temperature and humidity


HVAC Duct Application 

For Industry Applications, Some need to Duct-Mount Temperature & Humidity Transmitters, normally,

Transducers are attached to HVAC ducts with a flange, and a stem probe is inserted through a duct cutout to

regulate temperature and humidity. The data is transmitted as electrical signals to a control panel or HVAC

control room. They are used to detect issues in ductwork for proactive and reactive maintenance.


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Main Feature

The temperature humidity Transmitter uses an integrated digital sensor as a probe, with a

digital processing circuit so that the temperature and relative humidity of the environment into the

corresponding standard analog signal, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, or 0-10 V.


1. Top-quality Inductive Chip Sensor RS485 / Modbus RTU

2. Small size, Lightweight 

3. Simple Installation 

4. Installation methods, Suitable for Complex and Harsh Conditions Detection,

5. Accurate Measurement

6. Wide Range data can test



What is Temperature and Humidity Transmitter ? 


A temperature and humidity transmitter is a device that measures temperature and humidity

and sends the data wirelessly to a remote receiver or computer for monitoring or analysis.

It typically consists of two sensors, one for measuring temperature and one for measuring

humidity, housed in a single device. The sensors are connected to a microcontroller or

electronic circuitry that processes the sensor readings and transmits them wirelessly to a

receiver or computer. Temperature and humidity transmitters are used in various applications,

including meteorology, agriculture, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and

environmental monitoring. They are particularly useful when it is not practical or possible to

physically connect a temperature and humidity probe to a computer or other device for

data collection.


Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Application 

Temperature and humidity transmitters can be used in various applications where it is

important to monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels. Some common

applications include:

1. Meteorology: Temperature and humidity transmitters can be used to measure and transmit

    weather data to understand better and predict weather patterns.

2. Agriculture: Temperature and humidity transmitters can monitor the conditions of greenhouses

    or other indoor growing environments, helping farmers optimize conditions for plant growth.

3. HVAC: Temperature and humidity transmitters can monitor the temperature and humidity levels

    in buildings, helping maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

4. Environmental monitoring: Temperature and humidity transmitters can monitor the conditions

   in natural environments, such as forests or wetlands, to understand and track changes in

    these ecosystems.

5. Museum and art conservation: Temperature and humidity transmitters can monitor the condition

    in museums and art galleries, helping preserve valuable works of art and historical artifacts.

6. Warehouse storage: Temperature and humidity transmitters can be used to monitor the conditions

    in warehouses, helping to ensure that stored items are kept in optimal conditions.


Anyway, temperature and humidity transmitters can be used to measure and transmit temperature

and humidity data in various settings to understand better and control the environment.


application of temperature and humidity transmitter


Why HENGKO Humidity Transmitter?

Our 10+ years of hands-on experience in marketing Industrial humidity sensor manufacturers makes

us the expert on temperature and humidity monitoring systems. From selecting the sensor chip and

make-to-be Temperature And  Humidity Sensor and turning them into a sensor probe or humidity sensor

meter to marketing and shipping  worldwide, HENGKO is the trusted humidity monitor brand you

should to try. we can supply you as follow:


1. Quality Control :  All Temperature and Humidity Transmitters are CE and FDA approved. 

2. 100% Real Factory, Direct Factory Price 

    We are a direct Industry temperature and humidity transmitters manufacturer in China, which can give you

     a competitive wholesale price, OEM your brand etc

3. Top Professional Chip for Temperature and Humidity Sensing inside, stable performance to test.

4. Custom O.E.M Design

    We can provide custom humidity sensor design services for your style temperature and humidity sensor requirements;

    O.E.M is accepted. like some harshest environments, high temperatures over 200℃

5. Fast Delivery Time

We can deliver your O.E.M order within 30 working days and free samples within 7 days.

Faster checkout; we ship your order ASAP. 

Want to know temperature and humidity transmitter details?  You are welcome to send inquiry by

email ka@hengko.com


Detect peanut rice temperature and humidity Test Lab


Hot to be HENGKO's Long-term Partner ?


1.  Sale Agent of HENGKO

       Welcome to apply sales agent of  HENGKO for your area or county. You will get better agent price

        and order to arrange Priority etc, contact us for more details about Sales Agent.

2.  O.E.M with your Brand 

        For Bulk Order,  or You have Your Own Electric Brand in the online or off line store, and also to You like to long-term

work with HENGKO, We'd like to O.E.M Temperature and Humidity Transmitter for your market. Help you to boost your

sales together.  

3.  End-User : 

     if you are lab or your projects need the detect the temperature and humidity, Welcome to contact us to order the 

Temperature and Humidity Transmitters With Factory Price Directly !     


Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping Times 


We work fast, and With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed

for manufacturing. Let’s check the whole process of manufacturing and shipping : 

STEP 1 :  Materials
So far, we have a mature temperature and humidity sensing chip and circuit board system. We also have complete sets of

the temperature sensor housing, so the warehouse customized 1000 sets of raw materials to complete the order more quickly.

STEP 2 :  Packing and Boxing

The staff packs the humidity sensor products in cartons at the factory production line. They take a short time because it is

an easy task.

STEP 3:  Custom Clearance and Loading Time

The staff loads the products onto HENGKO vans, and drivers transport them to various dispatch points once cleared.

STEP 4: Sea and Land Transportation Time

Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods on time.



6-Things You Need to Know Before Wholesale Temperature and Humidity Transmitter ?


How to choose a Temperature and Humidity Transmitter ? 


It may be one of the most complicated questions for some newbies or end users in the Industry Humidity Sensor. So maybe you

can read as follow checklist when order one Temperature and Humidity Transmitter :

1.)  To Confirm What is the Sensor Chip of the Transmitter because the CPU chip determines the

       precision and accuracy of your temperature and humidity sensor data. 


2.) The sensor probe is suited for your sensor detection environment, some Temperature And Humidity Transmitter is with 

low-quality sensor protector, and Some transmitters have a sensing head of just ordinary polyester material. Still, some

sensing heads cannot meet the requirements of filtering impurities in the air, leading to inaccurate detection data.


3.) The temperature measurement range should be confirmed -40....+60°. If you need a high-temperature or corrosive

environment, choose a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant sensor head, and humidity transmitter. Such as can load

-70 .... +180° sensor probe. Special need to confirm the sensor cover.


4.) For harshest environments, Maybe you should choose the solution of remote detection of temperature and humidity.


5.)  Also, for installation, you should confirm the best way to install your humidity transmitters. Normally, we can supply

Wall mounting, hanging, narrow space and pipeline installation, high-temperature and high-pressure installation,

high-pressure vacuum environment installation, pressure pipelines, etc., the requirements of different environments on

the installation will also vary.


6.) Other details of data about the transmitter, such as detection accuracy, detectable temperature, humidity, dew point range,

and whether the anti-reverse connection function, so please confirm details with our salesman before placing to order.


Also if you like to know details about What is Humidity Transmitter ? you can check the link to know about 

the Working Principle of Humidity Transmitter.


 Faq of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter


FAQ About Industry Temperature and Humidity Transmitter


 1. What is Temperature and Humidity Transmitter 

Temperature and humidity transmitters are temperature and humidity integrated probes as temperature measurement


The temperature and humidity signals are collected after voltage stabilization and filtering, operational

amplification, non-linear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection circuit processing, converted

into a linear relationship with the temperature and humidity current signal or voltage analog signal output, 4-20mA, 0-5V

or 0-10 V, can also be directed through the It can also be output directly through the master control chip for 485 or 232


Widely used in communication rooms, warehouses, food processing, pharmaceutical products, medical experiments,

agricultural production and self-control, and other places that need temperature and humidity monitoring.


2. How does Industry Humidity Sensor Work ? 

    Firstly, Industry Humidity Sensor , also known as humidity Transmitter,  main to used to monitor the humidity

of the environment, now for most transmitter with temperature test integrated, but how does the industry

humidity sensor work ?    

Typically, humidity sensors contain a humidity sensing element and a thermistor, which is used to measure temperature. There are three main types of humidity sensors, each of which monitors small atmospheric changes to calculate humidity. These types include:

1. Capacitive humidity sensors
Capacitive humidity sensors are linear and measure relative humidity from 0% humidity to 100% humidity. They do this by placing a small metal oxide strip between two electrodes. As the level of humidity changes, the oxide's electrical capacity changes along with it.

2. Resistive humidity sensors
Resistive humidity sensors measure humidity by using ionized salts between two electrodes. The ions in the salts measure the electrical impedance of atoms. As humidity levels change, so does the resistance of the electrodes.

3. Thermal sensor.
A thermal sensor utilizes a dual sensor system to measure humidity. One thermal sensor is housed in a layer of dry nitrogen; the other freely measures ambient air. The resulting difference between the two measurements represents the air's moisture level.


A humidity sensor (or hygrometer) senses, measures and reports both moisture and air temperature.

Humidity sensors work by detecting changes that alter electrical properties in the air.

Check this video to understand the complete working principle of humidity sensors:



3. How to Test Dehumidifier Humidity Sensor ? 

Electronic sensors measure humidity by measuring the capacitance or resistance of air samples.


 Questions about manufacture and place a order:

Q1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

--We are direct manufacturer specializing in porous sintered metal filters.

Q2. What’s the delivery time ?
--Normal model 7-10 work days because we have ability to do the stock. For big order, it takes about 10-15 work days.

Q3. What is your MOQ?

-- Usually, it is 100PCS, but if we have other orders together, can help you with small QTY also.

Q4. What payment ways available?

-- TT, Western Union, Paypal , Trade assurance, etc.

Q5. If sample first possible?

-- Sure, usually we have certain QTY of free samples, if not, we'll charge accordingly.

Q6. We have design, can you produce as our design?

--Yes, welcome to send your design, so we can supply fast solution and process list.

Q7. Which market do you already sell?
--We already ship to Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America , Africa, North America etc.


For a capacitive hygrometer, the air flows in between two metal plates. The change in air moisture is

directly proportional to the change in capacitance between the plates. In a resistive hygrometer, a ceramic

or conductive polymer absorbs moisture, affecting its resistivity.


It is connected to a circuit where the moisture affects the material's resistance. The relative humidity is

then determined based on the change in current.


Hygrometers are often outfitted with a temperature sensor and a barometer which combine the temperature

and pressure data and the capacitance/resistance change to measure the humidity.


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