Economy Humidity and Temperature Transmitter with RS485 Output

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    Designs available: Duct version or Wall mounting
    IP 30 with PE filter
    IP 65 with ss sintered filter
    Output signals available:
    RS485 / 4…20 mA
    Operating voltage: 12…24 V DC (4…20 mA recomend 24 V DC)

    Humidity: ± 3% rh 30…80 % rh at 10…40 °C
    Temperature ± 0,8 K 10…40 °C

    Economical transmitters of the HT-805 Series are primarily optimized for ambient room conditions and are very well suited to help control energy costs in HVAC and building automation applications. Thanks to their high-quality manufacturing, these transmitters can also be used in industrial settings under moderate conditions.

    temperature humidity transmitter3

    ■ High-precision detection and measurement range.
    ■ 485 communication, standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol, communication address and baud rate can be set, the longest communication distance is 2000 meters
    ■ Wall-mounted waterproof casing, high protection level, can be used outdoors or in harsh on-site environments
    ■12-24V DC wide voltage power supply


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