Micro Sparger and Microsparger for Bioreactor

Micro Sparger for Bioreactors


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Manufacturer for Bioreactors


Advantages of HENGKO's Porous Stainless Steel Micro Sparger

Due to the low solubility of oxygen in many cell culture mediums, optimizing this critical nutrient can
be difficult. Maximizing the surface area between the media and the aeration bubble can significantly
improve the mass transfer rates of oxygen or carbon dioxide.

Our porous metal micro sparger is a widely accepted method of maximizing the surface area.
The micro sparger can greatly reduce the size of the aeration gas bubbles, increasing the amount
of surface area for a given volume of gas. It is not unusual to effectively increase mass transfer
rates by 100% to 400% over standard drilled pipe or single-opening dip tubes. Optimal Pore Sizes
for Optimal Mass Transfer. 


As follow Diagram,You can check clear where should the Micro Sparger for Bioreactors put and application. 


Microsparger for bioreactor for hengko

HENGKO offers various Sintered Metal Microsparger Elements for Laboratory and Pilot-scale Bioreactors

and Fermentors. 


With media grades ranging from 1 µm to 20 µm, We supply porous micro spargers that offer the flexibility

to generate bubble sizes which are optimal for your specific media, organism and mass transfer requirements.

Whether your application calls for optimal oxygen mass transfer or oxygen or CO2 stripping, we will supply

you right micro sparger tip for your needs. The Microsparger connector can come with an M5 thread, 10-32

UNF thread, or weld stubs.


For Pilot Scale and Larger For larger bioreactors and fermentors, Our Quick Replace Sparger Design

Connector allow you fast and easy removal and replacement of the microsparger in pilot or production

scale reactors.


Main Specifications:

1. Materials of Construction: All Stainless Steel 316L SS

2. Dimensions: Custom As Your require

3. Porous Size: 1 µm, 2 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, and 15 µm custom as your pore media requires

4. Connections: M3 or M5 thread with O-ring, Custom as Your Original Connector

5. Grooves Design: 10-32 UNF threads. Also, it can supply hose barb, NPT threads, and butt weld ends.


We Also Accept Full OEM Custom for the Micro-Sparger for your bioreactor, any size, any design, and pore size,

just feel free to contact us for more details, you will get the professional recommend or best solution. 


Then if you also have any questions or have project need to use or OEM Micro Sparger and Microsparger for Bioreactor, 

you are welcome to contact us by email ka@hengko.com 

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Maybe you can check our video to know more clear for the Microsparger for bioreactor.  



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 FAQ for the Micro Sparger and Microsparger for Bioreactor 


bioreactor sparging using mass flow control


1. What is a Sparger in Bioreactor?

   Generally, a Bioreactor is a System that uses enzymes or biological functions of organisms(such as microorganisms) to carry out biochemical reactions in vitro. During this process, HENGKO's micro sparger offers sufficient air or pure oxygen for the reaction.


2. What are two types of bioreactor? 


3. Which bioreactor is used in pharmaceutical industry?


4. What are the parts of a bioreactor?

     Normally, This bioreactor consists of different types of parts such as “an agitator system,”

“A foam control system,” “A Baffles system,” “A PH & temperature control system,”

“A Farmentar vessel,” “Aeration system” and “An Impeller system.” Each of these

parts has its necessary usage to perform this bioreactor.



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