Commercial Healthy Hydrogen Lonized Water Dispenser – Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer Generator

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    hengko advantageHydrogen bathing in the comfort of your own home.HENGKO SPE Technology Electrolytic Cell high-tech Hydrogen Bath and Spa Device bubble bath using nano bubble generator hydrogen Water Spa Machine Ideal for improving blemishes, wrinkles, skin tone, and dryness. Day-to-day stress, as well as factors such as alcohol and smoking, gradually deplete the power of hydrogen stored in your body. As you bathe, the “Hydrogen Bathing Bubble” utilizes cutaneous respiration to replenish hydrogen wherever it is needed throughout the body from the outside in, helping to control swelling while improving moisture retention, skin tone, and brightness, providing a boost of youthful energy for a healthy glow every day.

    How to use a hydrogen-rich water generator? 

    1. Pure water inject the tank→lock and seal via snap ring→ Connect the hydrogen Silica gel tube of hydrogen absorber→Hydrogen gas dissolved in the water→Creat high concentration hydrogen-rich water

    2.Put the diffusion stone for h2 into the tank→lock and seal via snap ring→Creat high concentration hydrogen-rich water


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    Commercial Healthy Hydrogen Ionized Water Dispenser – Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer Generator

    Commercial Healthy Hydrogen Ionized Water Dispenser
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    Improve the efficiency of dissolving hydrogen.

    Decompose the generated hydrogen gas

    bubbles into nano-sized hydrogen gas bubbles

    Maintain the stability of hydrogen ions for a long time

    Non-volatile(up to 24 hours)

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    Our body is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (so-called ROS) from environmental pollution, sun light, and bad habits. This is why our skin gets old very fast with wrinkles, dryness, and even skin diseases. The HENGKO Hydrogen Rich Water Bath is designed to help you achieve maximum moisture, reduce oxidative damages on your body, and slows aging process. Helping you stay young and healthy all the time. The HENGKO takes hydrogen intake for our bodies to the next level.

    316L food grade stainless steel material


    Healthy and durable

    Exquisite and unique appearance

    No metal ion precipitation

    No slag, no swarft

    HENGKO Q-Spa Hydrogen Water system-1_06
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    Shorten the time of preparing hydrogen water

    Create high concentration rich hydrogen

    water in a very short period  of time (100s)

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