Temperature and Humidity Sensor Probe

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Probe

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HENGKO Temperature and Humidity Sensor Probe features a high-precision RHT-xx series relative humidity probe as its key component. It is encased in a sintered metal probe, often referred to as a humidity sensor housing, which ensures the product's exceptional reliability and outstanding long-term stability. HENGKO also provides customized OEM services for their humidity probes. These bespoke solutions are meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer, offering everything from individual product customization to complex application solutions.

OEM Technical Specifications:

● Operating Voltage: 3.3/5V - 24V

● Communication Interface: I2C / RS485

● Protection Class: IP65 Waterproof ( OEM )

● RH Response Time: 8s ( tau63%)

● Accuracy: ±1.5% RH / ±0.1 ℃

● Measuring Range: 0-100% RH / -40-125 ℃ 

● Pore Size OEM: 2 - 1000 Microns 

●  OEM Length :  63mm; 92mm, 127mm, 132mm, 150mm, 177mm, 182mm


-  Wide-ranging Probe and Filter Design Experience

   ( Over 15+ years) for Applications of Agriculture and Industry

- 100% of the Factory Cooperate

- Short Development Time

- Stainless Steel Materials, Better Protect, Long-life Span

- Specifications 100% Meet Your Requirements

- Better Materials, Higher Accuracy

- Super Easy Installation and Use

IP65 Waterproof Temperature and Humidity Sensor Probe

Model: HT-P101

1. Wire: 1.5m with 4-pin connect  

2. Waterproof Grade: IP65 Waterproof Sensor Housing

3. High Precision RHT-xx series Humidity sensor chip.

4. Temperature working range:  Temp -40~125°C (-104~257°F)

5. Temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃ (25℃)

6. Relative humidity working range: 0~100%RH

7. Humidity response time: 8s  


Temp Humidity Probe


High-accuracy temp humidity probe with four-core shielded wire, compatible with HT802 series transmitters suitable for demanding measurement and test applications.


Digital Humidity Probe



The HT-P103 temp humidity probe utilizes a high-tech thin-film polymer capacitance (RHT) sensor with Cable for enviromental RH/T measuring.



rh humidity probe

HT-P104 ±1.5 temperature and humidity sensor probe RH/T monitoring for museums, archives, galleries and libraries


I2C Humidity Probe

High accuracy low consumption I2C interface temperature and relative humidity sensor with heat shrink tube for environmental measurement


Hand held humidity probe

Small size and light weight, can be carried on the spot for quick detection. Convenient handle and durable 20"L rh probe design make it easy to push tester into crawl space.

Reliable Digital Humidity and Temperature Probe

Highly accurate measurements in precision manufacturing applications.

Humidity Probes with RS485 Modbus RTU

HENGKO offers a temperature and humidity probe specifically designed for precise measurements of air temperature and relative humidity. Encased in a durable stainless steel probe, it's perfectly suited for process and climate control in challenging environments. The probe communicates the collected data via an RS485 interface using the Modbus RTU protocol.



Relative humidity probe

RS485/ MODBUS-RTU HT-800 Digital Humidity Probe with dew point.It has the characteristics of high accuracy, low power consumption and good consistency.


Temperature relative humidity probe

HT801P IP67 RS485 accurate stable industrial temperature and humidity sensor monitor for pipeline machine room potato storage.


Digital humidity probe

HT-605 Compressed Air Dew Point Transmitters Monitoring Humidity Sensor Transmitters and cable for HVAC and air quality applications.


Replacement humidity probe

HENGKO® Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Sensor with ±1.5%RH accuracy for demanding volume applications.Various probe lengths available.



Air humidity probe

The HT-607 is an ideal choice for OEM applications where it is necessary to control very low humidity.

RHT Series

Temperature humidity probe

The type of hengko humidity probes is more than that. With 20+ years of humidity measurement experience, we also provide OEM service for your temperature and humidity measurement solution.

Temperature Humidity Probe with Stainless Steel Enclosure

Ideal for when an application demands the removal of a sensor without interrupting the process


Advanced interchangeable relative humidity and temperature probe with ss extension tube and waterproof cable gland(Φ5 cable).


Industrial air temperature and relative humidity probe with SS extension tube (hexagon thread)


ATEX Temperature and humidity probe with SS extension tube and knurled nut waterproof cable gland


Flange mounted humidity and temperature probes with SS extension tube(female thread)


Flange mounted Humidity and temperature probes with SS extension tube(male thread)


Flange mounted Humidity and temperature probes with stainless steel extension tube and waterproof cable gland( φ5 cable)




Temperature (℃)   Voltage Supply(V) Interface

Relative Humidity


@ 20-80% RH

(5 to 60 ℃)

 2.1 to 3.6  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃

@ 20-80% RH

(5 to 60 ℃)
 2.1 to 3.6  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃
RHT-25  ±1.8
@ 10-90% RH

(5 to 60 ℃)

 2.1 to 3.6  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃
RHT-30  ±2.0
@ 10-90% RH

(0 to 65 ℃)

 2.15 to 5.5  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃

@ 0-100% RH

(0 to 90 ℃)

 2.15 to 5.5  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃

@ 0-80% RH

(20 to 60 ℃)

 2.15 to 5.5  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃
RHT-40  ±1.8
@ 0-100% RH

(0 to 65 ℃)

 1.08 to 3.6  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃
RHT-85  ±1.5
@ 0-100% RH

(20 to 50 °C)

 2.15 to 5.5  I2C  0-100%  -40 to 125 ℃


Key Features HENGKO HT series humidity probe
Highest Measurement Accuracy
Outstanding Long Term Stability
Wide Working Temperature Range
Compact and Easily Interchangeable
Low Power Consumption
Short Start-up Time
Technical data HENGKO HT series humidity probe

0...100% RH

-40...125 °C



±1.5% RH

±0.1 °C



3.3-5V DC

3-30V DC



1.5m Length

UV; High temp shielded; Common Wire ( Cable material)


Notice when order

To customize the most suitable temperature and humidity sensor probe for your application, kindly let us know your requirements:

a. probe size, cable length?
b. working environment & temperature range ?
c. connector model ?

The design of the relative humidity probe is diverse in HENGKO, welcome to relate with us. We Accept Custom-made Service.

What is the difference between the built-in probe and the external temperature and humidity sensor probe?

External humidity probe: External probe refers to the temperature and humidity sensor outside the instrument's body. The advantage of the external probe is that the measurement range will be wider than that of the built-in sensor because the humiditysensor is not together with the display and circuit parts. Suitable for measuring relatively small space, such as dry box, constant temperature, humidity box, refrigerator, etc. HENGKO HT-P and HT-E series are external humidity sensors convenient for long-distance detection and can accurately detect the local temperature of the whole environment being detected.


Built-in humidity probe: The built-in probe is invisible from the outside of the sensor, and the first appearance is naturally more generous and beautiful. Built-in probe power consumption is very low, but it also can reduce the sensor by external factors such as aging, vibration, and volatile chemical gases to ensure good stability. HT-802P and HT-802C series temperature and humidity transmitters are both built-in probe products.


Users can choose external or built-in sensors according to different usage scenarios.


How do we distinguish between a temperature and humidity transmitter and a temperature and humidity sensor?

We first distinguish from the concept that the sensor is a detection device that can feel the measured information and can feel the information, according to certain rules into electrical signals or other required forms of information output, to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording, and control. The transmitter is a converter; it can be ordered to convert non-standard electrical signals into standard electrical signals. It calls that transmitter is based on the sensor, the information transmitted by the sensor by the command to convert the output signal of a certain rule, such as we often hear the RS485 type temperature and humidity transmitter, GPRS type temperature and humidity transmitter, analog type temperature and humidity transmitter, etc...


Sensors and transmitters constitute the monitoring signal source for automatic control, and different physical quantities require different sensors and transmitters. Different physical quantities require different sensors and corresponding transmitters. Different types of measured parameters of sensors, their working principle, and conditions of use also vary, so the types and specifications of sensors are very complicated. The following is an introduction to the centralized classification of sensors.

From the measurement object categories to distinguish, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, light, External violet lines, gases, and other non-electricity, the corresponding sensors are called temperature, humidity, and pressure liquid level sensors. The corresponding sensors are called temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, light, gas, and so on. This naming method is convenient for users to find the required products quickly. Among the many types of sensors, temperature and humidity are the most used. They must be selected according to the environment in which the temperature and humidity sensors are used. Humidity sensors must be used according to the environment to choose the measurement range. Measurement accuracy is the most important indicator of the quality of humidity sensors; the higher the accuracy of the product is sold at a higher price. The higher the accuracy of the product, the higher the price; we must also consider this point when choosing products; it must be tailored to Choose the right product.

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