Humidity Sensor Probe with Dew Point , -30~80°C,0~100%RH RS485/MODBUS-RTU HT-800

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    hengko advantageHT-800 series miniature humidity transmitter adopts RHT series temperature and humidity transmitter imported from Swiss Sensirion, which can collect temperature and humidity data at the same time. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, low power consumption, and good consistency.
    The collected temperature and humidity signal data and the dew point data can be calculated at the same time, which can be output through the RS485 interface;
    Modbus-RTU communication, can be connected with PLC, man-machine screen, DCS, and various configuration software, to achieve temperature and humidity data acquisition.


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    RS485/MODBUS-RTU HT-800 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe with Dew Point, -30~80°C,0~100%RH


    1. Original ultra-small and integrated high temperature and humidity sensor module, easy to install, convenient for system networking and wiring.

    2.4.5V~24V ultra-wide voltage input.

    3.Power polarity protection, with anti-reverse connection function.

    4.Using the standard Modbus-RTU protocol, it can easily realize the interface with PLC, man-machine screen, DCS and various configuration software.
    humidity sensor rs485 -DSC_8340

    Built-in chip

    waterproof, accurate measurement,

    anti-interference, high precision, fast response, low powder


    Stainless steel thread cap

    seamless intergration thread,

    good sealing, high temperature and corrosion resistance


    Four core shielded wire

    strong anti-interference ability, stable signal transmission,

    standard line length of 3 meters, can be extended.


    HT-800 temperature and humidity meter
    HT800 size




    DC 4.5V~12V

    Power comsuption


    Measurement range







    Dew point


    Long-term stability

    humidity<1% RH/Y  temperature<0.1℃/Y

    Response time

    10S(wind speed 1m/s)

    Communication port


    Communication band rate

    1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 9600pbs default

    Byte format

    8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no calibration

    humidity probes with RS485 CONNECTION

    Harsh factory enviroment

    dustproof, high temperature resistance,

    corrosion resistance


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