Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc

Sintered Stainless Steel Metal Filter Disc Factory O.E.M Special Sintered Filter Disc Manufacturer on Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Systems in Industrial Sectors Such as Electronics, Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, etc, Sintered Stainless Steel Metal Filter Disc is one of popular sintered metal filter disc, more and more filtration start to use. you can check details as follow with HENGKO.


Leading Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc Manufacturer


As one of best sintered filter disc manufacturer that our filter disc main made of stainless metal powder or wire mesh.

The material used to produce these sintered filter discs is food grade 316L or 316 stainless steel. Sure, it can make with

Porous stainless Steel, Porous Inconel powder, Porous Brozen Powder, Porous Monel powder, Porous Pure Nickel powder,

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, etc.


Sintered Metal Filter Disc Classification


The Porous Stainless Steel Disc is made by uniaxial compaction of powder in a rigid tool with the negative shape of the

part and then sintered.

Also, we can make the wire mesh filter disc with one or two multi-layers of metal powder together to make to be sintered

wire mesh stainless steel Filters Disc. Actually, Nowadays, sintered metal 316l stainless steel filter disc is more and

more widely used, so for HENGKO, we have over 20-years manufacturing experience, is one be best your trustworthy

sintered filter factory.


Production: The Sintered Filter Disc can be customized for various applications and specifications. Discs can be embedded

in various metallic and non-metallic hardware housing to provide you a Finish Integral Components. Customized such as

Diameter, Thickness, Alloys, and Media Grades, can be altered to meet various filtration, flow, and chemical compatibility

requirements for your product or project. 

Till Now, HENGKO have to be one if best stainless steel filter disc supplier in China, we offer over 100,000 kinds 316l porous

stainless steel disc and other shape filter elements. 


oem sintered stainless steel disc from HENGKO


What Kind of Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc HENGKO Supply

1.  O.E.M Diameter of Disc:  2.0 - 450mm 

3.  Customized with different Apertures from 0.1μm - 120μm

4.  Customize different Thickness :  1.0 - 100mm 

5.  Metal Power Option: Mono-layer, Multi-layer, Mixed Materials, 316L,316 stainless steel. ,Inconel powder, copper powder,

     Monel powder, pure nickel powder, stainless steel wire mesh, or felt

6. Integrated Seamless Sintered Filter Disc Design with 304 / 316 stainless steel housing 


For Your More O.E.M Requirement of Device or Test for the Metal Filter Disc,

Please Contact Sintered Filter Disc Manufacturer Directly, No Middle-Man Price !


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Main Features: 

Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc has high mechanical strength, good rigidity, plasticity, oxidation resistance, corrosion

resistance, no need for additional skeleton support protection, simple installation and use, easy maintenance, and exemplary

assembly. It can be sintered with 304, 316 housing, bonded, and machined.


If you have higher requirements for the filtration area and flow control data requirements, HENGKO professional engineer team

will design best solutions of sintered metal filter disc to meet your high requirements and standards projects.



Why HENGKO Sintered Filter Disc

HENGKO is a renowned porous stainless steel disc filter manufacturer that supports various applications based on your specific

requirements. Our products are designed with innovation and customization, ensuring you get the perfect product for your needs.

We are proud of our long-standing history of supplying high-quality products commonly used in superior industrial filtration,

dampening, sparger, sensor protection, pressure regulation, and many other applications. Our products are manufactured to meet

CE standards and are known for their stability and longevity.


At HENGKO, we provide comprehensive support from engineering to aftermarket services, ensuring you get the help you need

throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our team of experts has extensive experience in various chemical, food, and beverage

applications, making us the perfect partner for your filtration needs.


✔ PM Industry-renowned manufacturer of porous stainless steel disc filters

✔ Unique customized designs as different size, materials, layers and shapes

✔ High quality products strictly as CE standard, Stable shape

✔ Service from Engineering up to aftermarket support

✔ Expertise in various applications in chemical, food, and beverage industries 


Application of Stainless Steel Filter Disc : 

Powder Porous Metal Sintered Filter Disc are suitable for distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration, and other processes

in petroleum, refining, chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, ship, automobile tractor, and other

industries to eliminate droplets and liquid foam entrained in steam or gas.

1. Liquid Filtration

2. Fluidizing

3. Sparger

4. Diffusion

5. Flame Arrestor

6. Gas Filtration


With our commitment to high-quality products, expert support, and innovative designs, HENGKO is your ideal

partner for all your sintered filter disc needs.


Stainless Steel Filter Disc Application 01 Stainless Steel Filter Disc Application 02


Your Sintered Filter Engineered Solutions Best Supplier

Over Past 20+ years, HENGKO has solved many extremely complex filtration and flow control requirements for

customers In a wide range of industries all over the world. We can fast solve your complex engineering tailored


Welcome to Contact us to Share Your Project and Talk with HENGKO R&D Team, We will find out a best and

professional Sintered Metal Filter Disc Solution For Your Projects within one week. 


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sintered stainless steel disc oem manufacturer HENGKO


How to Customize Metal Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Disc 

When You have some special design for your projects and can not find the same or similar stainless steel filter disc

products, Welcome to contact HengKo to work together to find the best solution, and here is the process of 

OEM sintered stainless steel filter disc

Please Check it and Cotact us talk more details. 

HENGKO is Dedicated to Helping People Perceive, Purify and Use Matter More Effective !  Making Life Healthier Over 20 Years.

1. Consultation and Contact HENGKO

2. Co-Development

3. Make a Contract

4. Design & Development

5. Customerappoval

6. Fabrication /Mass Production

7. Systemassembly

8. Test & Calibrate

9. Shipping & Trainning


OEM Stainless Steel Disc Filter Process Chart


HENGKO, One of Experienced Factory that provides sophisticated sintered stainless steel filter element for many aplications. 

We have worked with thousand of labs, University and R&D of Brand Company worldwide, and Many such as follow University

Labs have be our long-term partner, You are welcome to contact us and work with HENGKO Team, You will get the solution faster.


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Sintered Stainless Steel Disc Filter Partner with HENGKO Filter

 Faq of Sintered Stainless Steel Disc Filter


 Popular FAQ about Stainless Steel Filter Disc 


1. What is Stainless Steel Filter Disc ? 

Also known as stainless steel filter discs and small mesh discs, these discs have the same pore size tiny holes that

trap very small particles.

Normal The wire mesh discs are often used in laboratories and gas-bubbling applications (sparging).

They’re made of 316L stainless steel because of excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Stainless steel mesh filter discs are mainly utilized for filtration in diesel engines, pressure filter, chemical fiber and

plastic extruder, textile dope filtration, mine, water, foodstuff, and other industries. Sintered metal 316l stainless

steel filter disc facilitates screening or separation of one substance from another, making it possible for you to

remove unnecessary contaminants from solid or fluid.

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter supplier

The manufacturing process of the sintered stainless steel filter disc involves three main steps.

The First step entails the selection of high-quality stainless steel wire, which is subsequently punched or weaved.

Also need to find a suitable material to wrap the edge of the wire mesh disc.

Also, choose different pore sizes of 316L stainless steel powder to put together in the middle and sintering.

Stainless steel mesh discs can design and make into different shapes, weaving techniques, filter precision, and

edge wrapping materials, among other features. So you can design this type of metal filter disc to fulfill your

needs like flow rate, filter particle size, physical space limitations, and contact liquid.


As one of professional stainless steel filter disc supplier, You are Welcome to visit our Factory to face to face

to talk more details  for your projects, we also have sign non-disclosure agreement for many filtration

project for our clients. 


2. What are the Main Features of Sintered Filter Disc? 

1. High strength and frame stability for long service life.

2. Excellent resistance to corrosion, acid, alkali, and abrasion.

3. Can use high heat resistance under temperatures ranging from -200 °C to 600 °C.

4. Various filter ratings to choose or customize and great filter precision for different applications.

5. Good dirt holding capacity.

6. Easy to clean and reusable, reducing downtime and saving cost.

7. According to various project demands, Sintered Metal Filter Disc can be shaped into round, square,

   rectangular, oval, ring, and others. Single layer or multi-layer can be chosen.

   So Reliable operation with high online time and low maintenance; Demonstrate new technology

   at a commercial scale.


3. What are Sintered Filters Used For ? 

Sintered filters have been designed and applied as a new fine filtration material for the food, beverage,

water treatment, dust removal, pharmaceutical, and polymer industries because of the excellent

performance of sintered filters, including the high mechanical strength of sintered filters and the wide

range of filtration grades.


4. How does Sinered Filter Disc Work ? 

   In brief, the production process of sintered filters consists of 2 steps
   1. Shaping
   2. Sintering

   However, before shaping and sintering, we must confirm with the customer the design, size, porosity,

   flow requirements, material, and whether or not the filter has a threaded housing for  easy installation.

    The production steps of the sintered cartridge are as follows. 

    sintering melt filter process picture


5. What Kind of Stainless Steel is main used for Filter Disc ?  

The key grades of stainless steel powder appropriate for the production of stainless steel type of

 sintered filter disc comprise:

1.) Stainless steel 316, comprised of manganese, silicon, carbon,nickel and chromium elements.

2.) Stainless steel 316L, Has a lower quantity of carbon content in comparison to stainless steel 316.

    food grades for many applications included Food and Food and medical filtration etc

3.) Stainless steel 304, Constitutes nickel and chromium metals that are non-ferrous elements.

4.) Stainless steel 304L, Has a higher quantity of carbon content in comparison to stainless steel 304.

    sure the price will be lower than 316L, 316, etc


6. How do you Clean Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Disc? 

   There are several methods of cleaning stainless steel filter discs, with the choice of each method

   depending on your type and level of operation.

   Let’s look at some of the common methods of how to clean metal filter discs.

    1) Blowback and Backwash Flushing

    It is one of the simplest methods of cleaning filter discs.

    For backwash flushing to work successfully, it depends on the reverse flow of fluid to dislodge

    and carry particles away from the media structure.

    The fluid used is normally filtrated or another process-compatible fluid.

     The blowback and backwashing technique relies on loose attachment of the particles on or

     within the holes of the filter mesh.

     Using gas as the pressure source instead of liquid generates much turbulence as the generated

      pressure forces the gas/liquid mixture through the filter disc mesh.

 how to clean sintered filter disc

     2) Soak and Flush

    Cleaning stainless steel filter discs refer to using a detergent solution.

     In this technique, you allow the filter disc to soak adequately for the action of the detergent to

     loosen particles and flush them out of the filter media.

     In a laboratory, you can carry out this procedure in processing stainless steel filter discs or with small



     3) Circulation Flows

    In this method of cleaning the wire mesh filter disc, you need a cleaning system to help pump and

    circulate a cleaning solution across the filter mesh until it is clean.

    The circulation is usually in the opposite direction from which the filter disc mesh was soiled.

    You must filter the cleaning solution before returning it to the filter media.


    4) Ultrasonic Baths

    This technique requires special equipment that employs ultrasonic sound waves to trigger off

     particles and remove them from the filter mesh.

    You can use laboratory models of this equipment to easily clean small stainless steel filter discs,

    whereas bigger ones need big tank equipment with high power inputs.

    Ultrasonic cleaning, in conjunction with the right detergent solution, is the most efficient method of

    cleaning filter discs, particularly in the case of deeply embedded particles.


     5) Furnace Cleaning

    It is also a simple technique of cleaning metallic filter discs by volatilizing or burning biological or

    organic compounds. It is most effective for removing polymer materials.

    Furnace stainless steel filter disc cleaning is suitable for substances that leave no residual ash.

    Otherwise, you will need an additional cleaning method to remove the ash residue.


     6) Hydro Blasting

    Hydro blasting cleaning techniques usually supersede other cleaning techniques when the particles

     have grossly obstructed the holes of the filter mesh.

     You can employ this method to clean, for example, filter discs in cross-flow tubes.

     The high-pressure water jet removes the trapped particles through high-energy impaction.

     It does not go very deeply into the filter mesh; however, in most instances, the obstruction may be only

      at the filter media surface.

     It is commonly applied in plants, and usually used to clean heat exchanger tubes.


7. Which Factors should you Consider when Choosing Stainless Steel Filter Disc?

     When Selecting the right sintered metal filter disc to ensure the efficiency of your filtration system,

     therefore, you should consider the following factors when choosing a stainless steel filter disc:

  • Type of Filter Media

         There are different filter media types, such as random metal fiber, photo-etched, and sintered

         filtration media, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

          Therefore, you must choose a stainless filter disc with the right filtration media for your applications.


  • Type of Stainless-Steel Used

         Stainless steel comes in various kinds, with each type having advantages that are fit for different purposes.

         Before buying one, it is crucial to ascertain the individual characteristics of the material used to make a filter disc.

         Such characteristics include pressure, temperature limits, and reactions to other compounds and conditions.


  • Mesh Number

        It is the number of holes per inch of a stainless steel filter mesh.

        If the mesh number is big, it indicates numerous holes per inch of the filter disc mesh.

        It also signifies that the individual holes are small and vice versa.


  • Mesh Size

        The mesh size designates the size of individual holes on the stainless steel filter disc mesh.

        It is always measured in millimeters, microns, or fractional inches.


  • Strand Diameter

         It is a crucial consideration when selecting a stainless steel filter disc.

         When a wire has a broad strand diameter, it signifies that it has tiny mesh holes.


In short, the larger the strand's diameter, the greater the mesh number of the sintered filter disc.

The diameter of the strand is a percentage of the overall surface area of the stainless steel filter mesh, i.e.,

 the percentage of open area. Therefore, having a greater percentage of the open area indicates

that the filter disc has a high flow.

  • Filament Diameter

This parameter affects the mesh openings and the percentage of the open area of the filter mesh.

  • Fluid Compatibility

You should ensure that the stainless steel filter disc is well-matched with the fluid you want to filter.

It helps avoid any reaction between the filter disc and the fluid involved since any reaction will

negatively impact the quality of the filtration process.


8. ls there Shape Limitation for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Disc?

     No, you can design as your project requires.  share your size, pore size, flow control etc and 

contact us for details.


9. What Are the Advantages of Sintered Filter Discs?

Four Main Advantages Include: 

     1.) Durability 

Sintered Stainless steel filter disc is highly durable, making it the ideal choice for your applications.

It is long-lasting since it does not react with several fluids.

It ensures you have the full potential of your stainless steel sintered mesh filter disc.

Because of longevity, it will reduce your operating costs in the long term. 


     2. ) Versatility 

Stainless steel sintered filter discs give you the freedom to use in various applications because of the

 unique chemical and physical properties of stainless steel filter discs.

These features comprise corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, operating pressure and temperature,

and compatibility with various fluids.


      3.) Efficiency

The type of metal sintered filter disc ensures efficiency in its performance.

The efficiency of sintered stainless steel filter disc guarantees that you can easily reach the desired

 level of filtration.


advantage of sintered filter disc


      4.) Ease of Cleaning

Wire mesh sintered filter discs made of stainless steel high level of hygiene since they are easy to clean.

Using them in hygiene-sensitive applications like the food and beverage industry makes it possible.

Moreover, the silvery appearance of stainless steel boosts the aesthetic appeal of the filter disc while

ensuring the general hygiene of your operations.



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