Inline Flow Restrictor

Inline Flow Restrictor

Inline Flow Restrictor OEM Manufacturer


HENGKO is a leading OEM manufacturer of inline flow restrictors, specializing in the production of

high-quality stainless steel components for various industries. With a proven track record and a

commitment to excellence, we offer a diverse range of flow restrictors to meet your specific needs.

Here's what sets HENGKO apart:

* Extensive Product Variety: 

   HENGKO provides a comprehensive selection of stainless steel inline flow restrictors, catering to

   diverse applications across numerous industries.

* Unwavering Quality: 

   Their commitment to using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures

    you receive flow restrictors with exceptional performance and durability.

* Customizable Solutions: 

   HENGKO understands the uniqueness of your needs. They offer customization services, tailoring

    their flow restrictors to perfectly match your specific requirements.

* Unparalleled Expertise: 

   Their team of experienced engineers and technicians possesses in-depth knowledge of flow control

    systems, guaranteeing optimal solutions and reliable performance.

* Global Reach: 

   HENGKO serves customers worldwide, providing timely delivery and responsive support regardless

    of your location.


Whether you require high-precision flow control for sensitive medical equipment or robust flow reduction

in demanding industrial processes, HENGKO has the perfect solution.


Choose HENGKO as your partner for stainless steel inline flow restrictors and experience the difference

of quality, reliability, and expertise.


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Types of Inline Flow Restrictors

Inline flow restrictors are essential components in various industrial and scientific applications,

regulating the flow rate of liquids and gases. They come in various types, each with its unique

characteristics and applications. Here are some of the most common types of inline flow restrictors:

1. Capillary Tube Flow Restrictors:


Image of Capillary Tube Flow Restrictor
Capillary Tube Flow Restrictor


These are simple and inexpensive restrictors made from narrow-bore tubing. The flow rate is

limited by the dimensions of the tube and the viscosity of the fluid. Capillary tubes are often used

in medical applications, such as IV lines and oxygen delivery systems. However, they can be easily

clogged and are not suitable for high-pressure applications.


2. Fixed Orifice Flow Restrictors:

Image of Fixed Orifice Flow Restrictor
Fixed Orifice Flow Restrictor


These restrictors consist of a small hole drilled through a plate. The flow rate is controlled

by the size and shape of the hole. Fixed orifice restrictors are reliable and easy to maintain

but offer limited flexibility in adjusting flow rates.


3. Variable Orifice Flow Restrictors:

Image of Variable Orifice Flow Restrictor
Variable Orifice Flow Restrictor


These restrictors allow for adjustments to the flow rate by changing the size of the orifice.

This can be done manually or automatically through a control valve. Variable orifice restrictors

are ideal for applications requiring precise control over flow rates.


4. Needle Valves:

Image of Needle Valve
Needle Valve


Needle valves are a type of valve that can be used to precisely control the flow rate of fluids

and gases. They work by using a tapered needle to block or open an orifice. Needle valves offer

excellent control over flow rates but can be more expensive and complex than other types of restrictors.


5. Flow Check Valves:


Image of Flow Check Valve
Flow Check Valve


These valves allow flow in one direction only, preventing backflow. They are often used in conjunction

with other types of flow restrictors to ensure proper flow direction and pressure regulation.


6. Integral Flow Restrictors:


Image of Integral Flow Restrictor
Integral Flow Restrictor


These restrictors are built into another component, such as a pump or filter. They offer a compact

and integrated solution for flow control but can be difficult to replace or service.


7. Inline Flow Restrictor Combo:


Image of Inline Flow Restrictor Combo
Inline Flow Restrictor Combo


These restrictors combine a fixed orifice with a check valve in a single unit.

They offer the benefits of both components in a compact and easy-to-install package.


8. Quick Connect Flow Restrictors:


Image of Quick Connect Flow Restrictor
Quick Connect Flow Restrictor


These restrictors offer a quick and easy way to connect and disconnect flow restrictors without the need for tools.

They are ideal for applications where frequent changes or maintenance are required.


9. High-Pressure Flow Restrictors:


Image of HighPressure Flow Restrictor
High Pressure Flow Restrictor


These restrictors are designed to handle high-pressure applications, such as those found in hydraulic

systems and industrial processes. They are made from robust materials and have special features to

ensure safe and reliable operation under high pressure.


10. Specialized Flow Restrictors:


Image of Specialized Flow Restrictor
Specialized Flow Restrictor


There are a variety of specialized flow restrictors designed for specific applications. These can include

restrictors for cryogenic fluids, high-purity gases, and corrosive chemicals.


Choosing the right type of inline flow restrictor depends on various factors, including the required flow rate,

pressure, fluid type, and desired level of control. Consulting with a flow control specialist can help you select

the most appropriate restrictor for your specific needs.


Enhance Your System with Precision Engineering!

Are you in need of a high-quality, durable solution for your system's flow control?

Look no further! HENGKO, a leader in precision-engineered solutions, offers custom

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services for stainless steel inline flow restrictors,

tailored specifically to your system's requirements.


Why Choose HENGKO's Stainless Steel Inline Flow Restrictors?

* Durability and Reliability: Made with premium stainless steel, our flow restrictors withstand harsh conditions,

   ensuring long-lasting performance.

* Customization: Tailored to fit your specific needs, our flow restrictors offer the precision your system deserves.

* Expertise and Quality: With years of experience in the industry, HENGKO guarantees products that meet the

   highest standards of quality and efficiency.


Ready to Upgrade Your System? It's easy! Simply reach out to us via email at

Share your system's specifications and requirements, and let our team of experts design a flow restrictor

that perfectly aligns with your needs.




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