Sintered Porous Metal Filters

Sintered Porous Metal Filters

Sintered Porous Metal Filters Desgin and OEM Service in China, Contact HengKo to Find the Best Metal Powder Filter from 100,000 kinds of Solution


Fast OEM Solution of Sintered Porous Metal Filters Manufacturer

HENGKO provides Sintered Porous Metal Filters with a variety of material, layer, size, and shape options,

including 316L Stainless Steel, Bronze, and Nickel. Ranging from single-layer to multi-layer, the filters

are made of sintered wire mesh, perforated metal, and metal powder. Our inventory usually consists of

these standard materials for sintered metal filters, allowing us to quickly produce samples and provide

fast solutions for your project with faster production and delivery times. 


And Main Supply Types of Sintered Porous Metal Filters as follow ;

1. Sintered Porous Disc Filters 

2. Sintered Porous Cup Filters 

3. Sintered Porous Tube Filters 

4. Sintered Porous Plate Filters  

5. Sintered Porous Cartridge Filters 

By Materials : 

1. Sintered Stainless Steel Filter  porous melt filter products banner

2. Sintered Bronze Filter 


HENGKO sintered metal filters, including porous metal filters and stainless steel sintered filters, have

been extensively utilized in various industries such as Aerospace, Chemical, Oil/Gas, Edible Oil, Metals

and Mining, Solvents, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Water and Waste Management, High Viscosity Liquids,

Sea-Water Desalination, Food and Beverage, Filtration, Sifting, Sizing, and more. With over 20 years of

OEM experience and specialized knowledge, HENGKO provides objective advice and customized

sintering solutions for clients.


HENGKO offers standard sintered porous metal filters and has rich experience designing and OEM

manufacturing sintered metal filter elements with specific thickness, permeability, and pore size to

meet end-users' requests. For small-quantity orders, our engineers work one-on-one on clients'



If you have any requirements and are interested in our sintered metal filter manufacturers

and porous bronze filter, please send an inquiry by email to contact us now. 

we will send back asap within 24-Hours. 


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Why Choose HENGKO for Wholesale Sintered Porous Metal Filters?

HENGKO provides a range of options to meet your specific project needs. Our filters have a proven track record in various industrial

applications such as filtration, dampening, sparging, sensor protection, pressure regulation, and more.

As a top-quality manufacturer of porous metal sintered filters in China, we offer the following:

* Unique OEM designs in size, pore size, materials, layers, and shapes

* A professional R&D team for fast and efficient supply solutions

* Products that meet CE standards for quality and stability

* Comprehensive service from engineering to after-sale support

* Rich experience and Expertise in the chemical, food, and beverage industry's application projects.




Application of Sintered Porous Metal Filters Products

1. Filtration in gas and liquid processing industries:

    Sintered porous metal filters are used to filtrate liquids and gases in various processing industries, including petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

2. Medical devices for filtration and separation:

    Sintered porous metal filters are used in medical devices such as dialysis machines, ventilators, and blood filters. These filters are chosen for their high precision, consistent pore size and structure, and biocompatibility.

3. Automotive exhaust gas filtration:

   Sintered porous metal filters are used in automotive applications to reduce emissions and improve engine performance. They can be used to filter particles and gases from the exhaust stream to reduce air pollution.

4. Food and beverage filtration:

    Sintered porous metal filters are used in the food and beverage industry to filter and clarify liquids. They are particularly useful for applications involving high temperature, high pressure, or harsh chemicals.

5. Water treatment systems:

    Sintered porous metal filters are used in water treatment systems to remove contaminants, purify water, and improve water quality. They can also be used in wastewater treatment systems to separate solids from liquids.

6. Aerospace fuel systems:

   Sintered porous metal filters are used in aerospace fuel systems to ensure the fuel is free of contaminants and to protect fuel pumps and injectors. They provide high-efficiency filtration, consistent flow, and low-pressure drop.

7. Biopharmaceutical production processes:

    Sintered porous metal filters are used in biopharmaceutical production processes to clarify and purify liquids. They are particularly useful in applications with high sterilization and filtration requirements.

8. Environmental remediation and pollution control:

   Sintered porous metal filters are used in environmental remediation and pollution control to remove contaminants from the air, water, and soil. They can be used to treat contaminated groundwater, remove heavy metals from waste streams, and provide clean air in industrial settings.


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Engineered Solutions 

At HENGKO, we have a proven track record of providing customized and effective solutions for even the most

intricate filtration and flow control issues for customers globally. Our R&D team is committed to delivering the

best solution for your industry needs. Partner with us and let us offer you our expertise in metal filtration and

supply best solution for your projects.


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How to Customize Sintered Sintered Porous Metal Filters



Customizing Sintered Porous Metal Filters with HENGKO


If you have specific filtration needs and can't find a suitable product, reach out to HENGKO. Our team

will work with you to find the best solution. The process of customizing sintered porous metal filters includes:


1.Contacting HENGKO for consultation

2.Collaborative development

3.Signing a contract

4.Design and development

5.Customer approval

6.Fabrication and mass production

7.System assembly

8.Testing and calibration

9.Shipping and training



HENGKO has been dedicated to helping people manage, purify, and utilize matter more effectively for

over 20 years, making life healthier.



OEM Sintered Porous Metal Filters Process Chart


HENGKO is a renowned and experienced factory in sintered porous metal filters. Our professional technical

teams are focused on developing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality sintered porous metal elements

and porous materials, meeting the demands of various industries and applications. With extensive experience

and expertise, we have established strategic partnerships with many high-tech enterprises and key laboratories

in universities worldwide, further enhancing our ability to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.


Sintered Porous Metal Filters Partner with HENGKO Filter


Features of Sintered Porous Metal Filters


1. Simple to shape, process, join, and sanitize.

2. Offers filtration precision from 0.2 to 200 microns.

3. Possesses robustness for cleaning and repeated use.

4. Provides personalized support for a diversity of materials and measurements.

5. Typically utilized in environments with temperatures from 200°C to 650°C (high up 900°C) and

    in conditions of acid or alkali corrosion.

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 Faq of Sintered Porous Metal Filters


FAQ Guide of Sintered Porous Metal Filters : 


What is Sintered Porous Metal Filters ?  

  Sintered porous metal filters, also named saintered metal filters, for HENGKO main supply 316L stainless steel filers, 

because there are many super small holes inside the metal , in order to let the gas and liquid to through and Separation of

unwanted impurities and solids, also because 316L stainless steel is can reach most of filtration requires but with reasonable

price for most of clients. so welcome you to contact us for know more details.


What Are Sintered Filters Used For? 

A: For sintered filters same as most of normal filters, main to separate unwanted impurities and solids from our gas and

liquid materials, to make our gas purify as project requires. 


Is Sintered Metal Porous? 

A:  Yes, sintered metal is porous inside, Irregular micron-sized pores, in order to filter impurities in gas or liquid, in order to

achieve the purpose of purification


Which Metal is Porous? 

A:  For Normal Metal sure not with small porous.

But people found some metal have special function as filtration, so more and more 

metal  to make with porous by sintered technology, to make to be kinds of design 

sintered metal elements to used as filters, to filter impurities in gas or liquid, in

order to achieve the purpose of purification


How Do You Make Metal Porous? 

A:For now, we most to use sintering process, sintering different metal powders

into shapes for various engineering applications to achieve the purpose of filtration


What is the Most Porous Material? 

A: Till now popular metal porous material as filters is as follow;

  1. Stainless Steel Filter; 316L, 304L, 310, 347 and 430
  2. Bronze
  3. Inconel® 600, 625 and 690
  4. Nickel200 and Monel® 400 (70 Ni-30 Cu)
  5. Titanium
  6. Alloys 


Is copper a porous metal? 

Many application still use the copper porous metal, because it is lower cost.

but it is disadvantage is the service time will not longer than other quality materials, such as

stainless steel.


What is the difference between porous and non-porous?

A: The Big Different for  porous and non-porous is , porous metal can let the gas or liquid to go through. 

but non-porous can not.



If still like to know more about sintered filter working principle, please check our this blog check details.


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