Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Filter for Liquids,Gas and Solids Industry Testing and Laboratory OEM Supplier in China, Contact HENGKO Now !


Professional Stainless Steel Filter Manufacturer for 20+ Years

As a professional custom variety stainless steel filter factory, HENGKO can supply any design of your

difficult stainless steel Filter project requires.


The stainless steel filters are main for Liquid and gas filters. Features of reverse flush and structural

and high thermal stability. We have some stock standard size filters in stainless steel and bronze and can also

custom-size custom filtration products. Such as Stainless Steel Filter Disc, Stainless Steel Filter Tube, Stainless

Steel Filter Plate, Stainless Steel Filter Cups, etc., any shape your project requires.


Sintered Stainless Steel oem varity of shape from HENGKO


HENGKO's sintered stainless steel filters are widely used in the industries such as separation / filtration of

particulate matter from gas and fluid / liquid. Can withstand high or low thermal levels, basic and acidic environments,

high pressure, and impact or stress loading. Industries include medical, food and beverage, aerospace, automotive,

welding, and flame arrestors.


We produce standard sintered metal filter elements and have rich experience designing and O.E.M manufacturing

sintered metal filter elements with specific thickness, permeability and pore size, micron rating, flow rate, and filter

media based on end-users requests. Even with small quantities, Our engineers will work one-on-one on your projects. 

So, if You Have Any Requirements and Are Interested, Please Send an Inquiry to Contact Us Now.


HENGKO's much experience and professional knowledge enable us can provide you with objective advice and

customized sintered metal filter solutions.


Custom Your Sintered Metal Filter Details As Follow:

1.   Any Shape : Like Simple Disc, Cup, Tube, Plate ect

2.  Customize Size, Height, Wide, OD, ID 

3.  Customized Pore Size / Apertures from 0.1μm - 120μm

4.  Customize Thickness of ID / OD 

5. Single layer, Multi-Layer, Mixed Materials  

6. Integrated design with 304 stainless steel housing


 For Your More O.E.M details, please contact HENGKO Today ! 


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Why Wholesale Stainless Steel Filter From HENGKO

As a leading manufacturer of sintered steel filter, HENGKO support customize any innovative design for various applications.

We also supply kinds of solutions to fulfill requirements for petrochemical, fine chemical, water treatment, pulp and paper,

auto industry, food and beverage, metalworking, etc. 


 Over 20-years professional stainless steel filter manufacturer in powder metallurgy

 Strict CE certification 316 L , 316 Stainless Steel Powder Filter Material Procurement 

 Professional High Temperature Sintered Machine and Die Casting Machine 

 5 of over 10-years engineers and workers in stainless steel filter industry

Stainless steel powder materials stock in to ensure fast manufacturing and shipping out



Main Applications of Stainless Steel Filter

Petrochemical, Fine Chemical, Water Treatment, Pulp and paper, Automobile Industry,
Food and Beverage, Metal Processing and other Industries

1. Liquid Filtration
2. Gas Filtration
3. Fluidizing
3. Gas Sparging
4. Beer or Beverage Brewing
5. Flame Arrestor 


Stainless Steel filters Application 01 Stainless Steel filters Application  02


Engineered Solutions Support

In the past 20 years, HENGKO has solved over 20,000 complex filtration and flow control problems for customers

projects worldwide in a wide range of industries.We believe we cal also solving your complex engineering tailored

application, We believe that we can find the best solution for the stainless filters soon for you.


Welcome to Share Your Project and Require Details. We will supply Best

Professional Metal Filter Advice and Solution For Your Projects, Contact Us Today !


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How to Customize Sintered Stainless Steel Filter

If you got the Special Require Design for projects and can not find the same or similar filter products, Welcome

to contact HENGKO to work together to find the best solution asap, and here is the process of OEM Sintered

Stainless Metal Filters, 

Please Check it and Cotact us talk more details. 

HENGKO is Dedicated to Helping People Perceive, Purify and Use Matter More Effective !  Making Life

Healthier Over 20 Years.


Here as follow is the List You need to know about the O.E.M Process Details: 

1. Consultation O.E.M details with salesman and R&D Team

2. Co-Development, confirm O.E.M fee

3. Make a Formal Contract 

4. Design & Development, Make Samples 

5. Customer appoval for the sample details

6. Fabrication /Mass Production 

7. Systemassembly

8. Test & Calibrate

9. Shipping Out


OEM Stainless Steel Filter Process Chart


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FAQ Guide of Sintered Stainless Metal Filters :


1. Why Use Stainless Steel to Be Filter ? 

There are lot of advantage of stainless steel filters. main features as follow;

1.  Strong Frame

2.  Durable and cost-effective

3.  Better filtering than normal filters

4.  Can load high pressure, high temperature 

5.  Can be used in many harsh environments, resistant to alkali, acid and corrosion


Do You want to know the sintered filter working principle, if the advantage of the sintered

stainless steel can really help your filtration projects, please check the link to know details. 


2. What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of of sintered stainless steel filters ?

For the Advantage is as the five points as above refered.

Then for the Disadvantage main is the cost will be higher than normal filters. but it is worth it. 

Welcome to contact us for get price list. 


3. What are the Available Types for Stainless Steel Filter?

For now , we have many design of stainless steel filter option

We divide them into five categories by shape: 

1. Disc

2. Tube

3. Cup

4. Wire Mesh

5. Shaped, custom as your requires

So if you have any of those 316L or 316 stainless steel filters for your projects, 

please feel free to contact us for know more details, you will get factory price directly.


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4. How much Pressure Can a Stainless Steel Filter Can Bear ? 

Normally for the sintered pressure of 316L stainless steel, we design can

accept up to 6000 psi input, but based on the design shape, thickness etc


5. What Temperature Extremes Can a Stainless Steel Filter Can use to ? 

For 316 Stainless steel can withstand high temperature in the range of 1200-1300 degrees,

which can be used in relatively harsh conditions


6. When Should I Replace and Clean Stainless Steel Filter ? 

Normally, we advice to replace or clean the sintered stainless steel filters when the The filtered

flow or the filtering speed is obviously lower than the data originally used, for example, it has

dropped by 60%. At this time, you can choose to reverse the cleaning first. If the filtering or

experimental effect still cannot be achieved after cleaning, then we recommend

that you try a new one


7. How to Clean Stainless Steel Filter ? 

Yes, normal we advice to use ultrasonic cleaning 


8. Can I Order Stainless Steel Filter Disc with Customized Dimension? 

Yes, sure , you can welcome to customize the size and diameter as your design. 

 Please send your design idea to us by email asap, so we can supply best solution as your requires.


9. What is the Sample Policy for HENGKO ?

About the samples,  we can accept one time free sample for each month, but for the free sample

details policy, please contact our salesman asap. because the free samples not always there. 


10 What is the Delivery Time for Stainless Steel Filter from HENGKO ?

 Normally, our manufacturing time for Stainless Steel Filter is about 15-30days for O.E.M

stainless steel filters.


11. How to get a Quick Quote of Stainless Steel Filter from HENGKO ? 

Yes, you are welcome to send email directly or send form inquiry as follow form. 



Still have questions for the Stainless Steel Filter for your projects ? 

you are welcome to send email directly by or Send form inquiry as follow form.  




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