Porous Metal Filter Media and OEM Sintered Stainless Steel Filter for Hydrogen Gas

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  • Brand: HENGKO
  • Remarks: Custom designs and fittings available
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    hengko advantageThe porous metal filter media  of the present invention includes a filtering unit which removes impurities from hydrogen gas, and a one-way control valve which controls the flow direction of hydrogen gas. 


    Features and benefits

    Engineered designs specific to your process

    Single filter manual system to full automation

    Metallic and polymeric material availability

    Excellent dirt-holding capacity for long on-stream life

    Efficient in-situ cleanability

    High temperature compatibility

    High operating pressures

    Broad range of materials for corrosive environments.

    HENGKO-Gas metal filter -DSC 5650 HENGKO-Metal porous material -DSC 5644 HENGKO-Metal sintered filter core -DSC 5646

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    Can't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart filter230310012 hengko certificatehengko Parners

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