High Purity Gas Purifiers Sintered Filter for Single, Low Flow Rate Applications

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    hengko advantageGas Purifiers Sintered Filter for Single, Low Flow Rate Applications
    Designed for high purity and ultra high purity applications that require impurity levels in process gases to be 100 PPT or less.
    HENGKO’s sintered gas purifiers offer relatively low flow rates at economical prices and are optimized for single application use.
    » 316L stainless steel construction
    » Nominal flow rates from 0.3 to 20 slpm
    » Maximum flow rates from 4.5 to 300 slpm
    » Integral Particle Filtration
    » Simple installation
    » Semiconductor process equipment
    » Weld gas/purge gas
    » Pharmaceutical production
    » Analytical equipment
    » Annealing cover gas
    » Solar and energy
    » Other emerging technologies

    High Purity Gas Purifiers for Single, Low Flow Rate Applications

    HENGKO-china strainer factory DSC_1066 HENGKO-sintered cartridge filter DSC_1061
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