Gas Sensor Probe Assembly

Accessories for Gas Detector Probe, Gas Leak Detector and Explosion Proof Gas Detector, HENGKO Supply Kinds of Design Safety Carries Multi-Gas Monitors to Detect Toxic Gases and Protect Workers in Various Environments.


Professional Components of Gas Leak Detector and

Explosion Proof Gas Detector Supplier


HENGKO gas sensor module is a universal gas module designed and manufactured by combining

sophisticated electrochemical detection technology with sophisticated circuit design. It is suitable for

detecting CO, oxygen, poisonous gas, etc. Due to its high sensitivity and fast response time, it can

take measurements as soon as possible.


Components of Gas Leak Detector and Explosion Proof Gas Detector


The module works with a simple drive circuit with digital output and analog voltage output, offering

excellent stability and long life. Can read measurement results via an I2C interface with the user's

microprocessor. This new sensor module is based on advanced HENGKO technology and benefits

from the mature experience and expertise of HENGKO in mass manufacturing over the past decade.  


What Gas Detector Accessories We Supply:


1. High-Precision Two-channel and Four-channel Gas Sensor Module with Aural and Visual Alarm

2. Standalone LPG Gas Sensor /Natural Gas Leakage Detector Module

3. Toxic Chlorine Gas Sensor Detector Systems Safety Device GN100-Digital Display Used for

    Chemical Plants

4. 4-20mA Analog Interface LPG Chlorine ch4 Combustible Toxic Gas Sensor Printed Circuit Board

    Module for Chemical Plants

5. Sintered Stainless Steel Sensor Housing Professional Fix Chlorine Gas Leak Detector Sensor Alarm Used for Gas Station

6. H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Electrochemical Toxic Portable Type Gas Detector Module for a Broad

    Range of Monitoring Applications


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1. High Sensitivity to Combustible Gas in Wide Range

2. Fast Response 

3. Wide Detection Range 

4. Stable Performance, Long life,Low cost

5. Stainless Steel Housing for Extremely Harsh Working Conditions 



OEM Service

HENGKO supply customizes a variety of complex sensor housings and components for your gas leak detactor

or Explosion Proof Gas Detector, Supply Safety, Accuracy, and Efficiency. You can find Our high Precision Quality

Components in Critical Applications Withstanding Challenging Environmental Factors. We also supply full OEM 

and Custom service for the all Assembly. 


Sensor Housing Service


About O.E.M Sensor Housing Service 

1.   Any Shape : CNC Any shape as your design, with different  design housing

2.  Customize Size, Height, Wide, OD, ID 

3.  Customized Pore Size for the Sintered Stainless Steel Disc / Pore Size from 0.1μm - 120μm

4.  Customize Thickness of ID / OD 

5. Integrated design with 316L / 306 stainless steel housing  


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