Temperature Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA

Temperature Humidity Transmitter 4-20mA


HT-608 Series

HT400 Series 4-20mA Industrial High Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

HT-400 Series

HT400 Series Duct Temperature Humidity Transmitter 

 4 ~ 20mA with RS485 Humidity Transmitter Output 

 -40 to 200℃ Temperature Transmitter Range 

 Anti-condensation function (optional) 

 ±2% RH Accuracy 

 AL--Box Enclosure 

HT-608 Series

HT608 Series RS485 Dew Point Transmitter / Sensor with Data Logger

HT-608 Series

HT-800 Series

Temperature and Dew Point Transmitter / Meter

HT-802C Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point Transmitter

Industrial Temperature and Humidity Measurement

TH-802C intelligent temperature and humidity transmitter is an intelligent humidity sensor that detects and collects environmental temperature and humidity, which uses a large screen LCD to display the current environmental temperature value, humidity value and dew point value in real time.

TH-802C can communicate with computer through RS485 serial communication interface to realize remote monitoring of temperature and humidity transmitter. It is suitable for temperature and humidity detection in data rooms, communication base stations, computer rooms, precision workshops, warehouses, greenhouses and other places.


HT-802P Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

With Integrated Smart Probes

HENGKO HT-802P humidity transmitter is an industrial-grade, robust transmitter that accommodates 1 HENGKO E&P series compatible sensor probe for humidity, temperature measurements. The transmitter can display measurements on the spot as well as transmit them to automation systems through analog signals or Modbus protocol.

RS485 / 4-20mA

HT-802W/HT-802X Temperature Humidity Sensor

Industrial Process Control

The transmitter is a high-precision temperature and humidity transmitter, the device is wall-mounted waterproof housing, wall-mounted installation, high protection level. Communication address and baud rate can be set, the product power supply is 10-30V wide voltage power supply, widely used in communication rooms, warehouses, agricultural greenhouses, flower culture greenhouses, agricultural fields, electronic equipment production lines and self-control and other places that need temperature monitoring.
Digital output: RS485 (ModBus-RTU)
Analog output: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V

HT-803 Temperature and Humidity Controller

Industrial Process Control

Intelligent digital temperature and humidity controller is mainly used for electric power equipment (such as outdoor terminal boxes, high and low voltage control cabinets, box-type substations, circuit breaker mechanism boxes, instrumentation boxes, etc.) and other occasions that require automatic moisture removal, condensation prevention and temperature control. Can effectively prevent all kinds of accidents caused by humidity, dew, high (low) temperature, to ensure the efficient and safe operation of automation operations.

220v / 12v

HT-600 Series

HT600 Series Integrated Temperature Humidity Transmitter RS485

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