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Temperature and Humidity Probe and Sintered Melt Humidity Sensor Cover Manufacturer, HENGKO Always Focus to Supply Better Quality Humidity Probe for Your Senor and Transimitter


Custom Variety Temperature and Humidity Probe Supplier 


The Sensor Probe is the one of most Important Assembly for the Industry Humidity Sensor System,

And for The probe can custom as integrated with the transmitter or be a separate probe to

achieve the remote monitoring of temperature and humidity requirements.


Our humidity sensor and Transmitter we manufactured all are based on ISO-9001 quality control,

We also can help you to make your local certification for your market and sales requires. 


There are also several existing options available at HENGKO. Many of these items can be

also O.E.M to particular measurement performance requirements. Please get in touch with

us if you would like to discuss with us for your humidity transmitter application. 

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OEM Custom Temperature and Humidity Probe


A:  By Usage : 

We will divide the temperature and humidity probe into two types according to the usage.

     1.) General Purpose Probes: mainly universal with all common environments, or no special monitoring

accuracy and range requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring probes

     2.) Special Probes, like high temperature humidity probe and other probe can load high pressure,

           high acidity and alkalinity, high corrosiveness, high requirements, high precision monitoring

           environment, relative humidity probe etc 


B:  By Function : 

According to the function, we divide the probes into four options  

1. Temperature and humidity meter with probe  with Probes,

     this is an integrated transmitter probe with digital or analogue output

2. General temperature and humidity probe, I2C 

3. Probes with dew point detection function 

4. Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor 

5. Custom temperature and humidity meter with probe, any length for special measurement


Temperature and Humidity Probe option


So Which Kind of Temperature and Humidity Probe Do You Interested in ? 

Like to Know More Details about Our Temperature and Humidity Probe, Function and Data details,

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor system.  

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Main Features of Temperature and Humidity Probe


1. Our temperature and humidity probe adopts top quality imported I2C Sensor, which has high

    precision and high stability.

2. Wide Measurement Range and a large range ratio.

3. High precision, low power consumption, good consistency, ultra-wide voltage input 

4. Temperature and humidity sensor IP66 waterproof and dustproof, strong anti-interference ability

5. Top brand sensor chips, accurate measurement, wide range, ultra-small integrated temperature

    and humidity sensor module

6. The sensor probe has a built-in high-performance processor, which better solves the problems

   of space, cost and signal attenuation



Application of Temperature and Humidity Sensor

 The Humidity Probe Can Used to Many Industry, You Can Easy Find in Your Daily Life 


1. Application in the Family

With the improved living standards, people have higher requirements for their living environment. The digital

display electronic clocks, household humidifiers, temperature, humidity meters, and other products on the

market are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to control indoor temperature and humidity at

any time. Make the living environment more comfortable.


2. Application in Industry

A typical application is that temperature and humidity sensors can be used in wet concrete drying to record

relevant data in a timely and accurate manner, providing reliable data for construction. With the rapid development

of science and technology, the application of temperature and humidity sensors plays an increasingly important

role in different fields.


3. Application in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

In the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, especially in the production of some cash crops, if it is

necessary to determine the influence of temperature and humidity in the environment on the growth of seedlings, etc.,

it is also necessary to use temperature and humidity sensors for data collection and monitoring, to obtain the best

results. Economic benefits.


4. Application in Archives and Cultural Relics Management

The paper is brittle or damp and moldy in the environment of high and low temperature and high and low humidity,

which will damage the archives and cultural relics and bring unnecessary trouble to various researchers. Applying

temperature and humidity sensors solves the complicated temperature and humidity recording work in the past,

saving money on Costs of archives and heritage conservation. 


Questions for Temperature and Humidity Probe: 


What Does a Humidity Probe Do? 

The humidity probe is very important elements for the humidity sensor or transmitter ect,

have two main functions:

1.  To Protect the sensor inside, need to be have strong structure

2.  Ensure and filter the temperature and humidity to be same in side and outside.

   The Sintered Metal Probe can protect the sansor and transmitter safety that senses,

measures, and reports the relative humidity (RH) of air or determines the amount of

water vapor present in gas mixture (air) or pure gas.


 Why Do I Need a Humidity Sensor? 

For now, many industry care more for the temperature and humidity, because some times, the temperature or 

humidity can affect the quality of your products, special for the storage before shipping. It is related to whether

our engineering project can be carried out smoothly. 


If you need to pay attention to temperature and humidity in the production or storage process of your product,

then we recommend that you use professional temperature and humidity monitoring equipment to pay enough

attention to prevent problems and reduce risks.


 Where Do We Use Humidity Transmitter

For Application in the Industry, Temperature and Humidity Transmitters, also named Humidity sensors, are

most often used in industries such as HVAC systems, food processing, meteorology, microelectronics,

biomedical, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and structural health monitoring.


Due to the small size of the temperature and humidity and low cost, resistive temperature sensors are

mainly used in domestic, residential, and industrial applications.

Thermal conductive temperature sensors are usually used in drying machines, food dehydration,

pharmaceutical plants, etc. here we list Some of the humidity sensors in various applications below.


Some industries must monitor the temperature and humidity, such as chemicals, refineries, metal, or

others where furnaces need humidity sensors, as high humidity will reduce the amount of oxygen in

the air. Other industries like paper, textile, food processing, etc., also need humidity control for

better-quality products.



During the plant's growth, the soil's moisture is very important, and the plant will grow better if we can

supply or control a suitable temperature and humidity environment. The application of dropper

technology is becoming more and more extensive, especially in modern agricultural planting

represented by greenhouses; one of the important core of an irrigation technique is the need for

precise moisture content for plants. Moreover, indoor vegetation also requires humidity sensors.


Electronics & Semiconductor:
A range of humidity values grades many electronic devices. Generally, this value is between 10

to 50% humidity. Also, the semiconductor fabrication manufacturer must maintain accurate

humidity and temperature values, as even a minute difference can hugely impact production.



Medical equipment like ventilators, sterilizers, incubators, etc., need humidity control.

The humidity sensor is also wildly used in biological processes and pharmaceutical plants.

All the applications mentioned above need temperature and humidity measurement,

which needs to use a humidity sensor or humidity transmitter.



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