Waterproof IP66 RHT-H3X I2C exchengeable ±1.5%RH high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor for vegetable greenhouse

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    hengko advantageHENGKO relative humidity sensor probe is an anti-rust, robust, and precise RHT30 sensor, which can master enterprise-class and industrial-level applications. It can be applied in various fields: teleport base stations, electronic control cabinets, production sites, storehouses, machine rooms, greenhouses, animal farming, medicine stock, etc. The metallic package enables it to deal with very dusty or other severe circumstances. The wall-hanging style makes it easy to install.

    HENGKO instrument to measure temperature and humidity probe-DSC_8091

    Output: IIC

    Working voltage: 3.3-5V

    Operating current: ≤15mA

    Accuracy:  ±1.5 %RH, ±0.2 °C 

    Measurement range: 0-100%RH,  -40-125 °C 



    Waterproof IP66 RHT-H3X I2C exchangeable ±1.5%RH high accuracy air temperature and relative humidity sensor probe for vegetable greenhouse



     Temperature (℃) Voltage

    Relative Humidity


    @ 20-80% RH

    @ 5-60 ℃

     2.1 to 3.6  I2C  -40 to 125 ℃

    @ 20-80% RH

    @ 5-60 ℃
     2.1 to 3.6  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃
    RHT-25  ±1.8
    @ 10-90% RH

    @ 5-60 ℃

     2.1 to 3.6  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃
    RHT-30 ±2.0
    @ 10-90% RH

    @ 0-65 ℃

     2.15 to 5.5  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃

    @ 0-100% RH

    @ 0-90 ℃

     2.15 to 5.5  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃
    RHT-35 ±1.5
    @ 0-80% RH
    @ 20-60 ℃
     2.15 to 5.5  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃

    @ 0-100% RH

    @ 0-65 ℃

     1.08 to 3.6  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃

    @ 0-100% RH

    (20 to 50 °C)
     2.15 to 5.5  I2C   -40 to 125 ℃

    As our top product, the RHT-3X Series temperature and humidity sensor is intelligent, reliability and accurate. 

    ● High reliability and long-term stability 
    ● Industry-proven technology with a track record of more than 15 years 
    ● Designed for mass production
    ● High process capability
    ● High signal-to-noise ratio

    RHT-RHT3X Precision of the chart

    Key Feature

    Exchangeable sensor probe with several filter options

    The design is ideal for a range of operating environments and allows for flexible field maintenance. The filter and sensor element are field-exchangeable for applications that require frequent replacements.

    Use with HT802X temperature and humidity transmitter

    The relative humidity probe is part of the HENGKO IoT solution, so it can be used with HENGKO HT802X series transmitters. The transmitters offer various additional benefits such as a display for data visualization, easy access to probe configuration, and more extensive options for connectivity, supply voltage, and wiring.


    HENGKO T/H sensor wiring diagram

    Choose what you want

    There are lots of relative humidity sensor for you choose  according to the measuring environment.


    Tempertaure and humidity probe with both aviation plugs

    Temperature and humidity probe with single avaition plug

    Temperature and humidity probe with waterproof cable gland(hexagonal)

    Temperature and humidity sensor probe with fixed connector

    Temperature and humidity sensor probes with mesh filter housing

    M8 Connector (L-shaped) temperature and humidity sensor probe

    Temperature and humidity probe with waterproof cable gland(knurling)

    Temperature and humidity probe with shrink sleeve

    Temperature and humidity probe with ss extension tube

    Can't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart sensor hengko certificatehengko Parners

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