HENGKO humidity sensor probe (I2C Output) Industrial Humidity Transmitter

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    The HT-E062 series of combined humidity and temperature probes is based on the high-performance and stable RHT3X sensor modules made by Sensirion.

    The probe has a filter to protect the sensor from water and dust splashes. The rugged design of the stainless steel probe provides additional protection.

    Pick your model for the most sophisticated measurements in confined spaces or in pressurized environments.
    The humidity / temperature sensor provides a digital 2-wire Sensirion output. Refer to the corresponding data sheets for more information regarding its protocols.


    • Combined probes for relative humidity and temperature
    • IP65、IP67- splash-proof
    • Changeable dust filter
    • High-precision sensor changeable
    • Accuracy 2%rF/0.2°C without recalibration!
    • Calibrated digital output signal through two-wire interface (Sensirion specifications)
    • Fast response time (4 seconds)
    • Low power consumption
    • Extensive temperature range (-40...+125°C)
    • Robust stainless steel housing

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    HENGKO-Industrial temperature and humidity probe DSC_4144 Flush-Mounted humidity Transmitter





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