HENGKO is a Professional Factory Focus on Porous Sintered Metal Filters and Humidity Monitor, We Accept Full OEM to Custom Sintered Metal Elements As Your Design and Projects Requires.

What Products HENGKO Can Supply For Your Project ?

We Main Supply Sintered Metal Filters and Temperature And Humidity  Monitor, Sensor and Probe Products,

We Are Factory Over 20-Years, So you will get the Factory Price and Quality Guaranty. 


hengko supply kinds of custom service for sintered metal filters and humidity transmitter


HENGKO porous metal products have been widely used in the many industries such as petrochemical, fine chemical, water treatment, 

pulp and paper, auto industry, food and beverage, metalworking now we have worked with many leading industrial

companies and lab of university all over the world.


OEM Any Sintered Metal Filters :


1.) By Materials : 

You can choose one design from variety metals and also some alloys to meet special requirements such as higher

requirements for temperature and pressure, corrosion resistance, etc 

   1. Stainless Steel316L, 316, 304L, 310, 347 and 430

   2. Bronze or Brass, Viety Design Sintered Bronze Filter Option

   3. Sintered Inconel Filters ® 600, 625 and 690 , Contact us to Custom

   4. Sintered Nickel Filters Nickel200 and Monel ® 400 (70 Ni-30 Cu)

   5. Sintered Titanium Filter to Custom

   6. Others Metal Filter Materils Requires – Please Send Email to Confirm.


2.) By Appearance Design Style :

  1.  Sintered Disc 

  2.  Sintered Tube 

  3.  Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

  4.  Sintered Stainless Steel Plate

  5.  Sintered Porous Metal Sheet 

  6.  Sintered Cup  

   7.  Sintered Mesh Filter


Also if you Have Special Requires, You are welcome to customize Your Design Sintered Metal Filters, Please make

sure to confirm the following specification requirements before order, So we can recommend more suitable sintered

filters,such as stainless steel filter disc or others.

 1. Pore Size 
 2. Micron Rating 
 3. Flow Rate requires  
 4. Filter Media You Will Use 


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