Household Hydrogen Alkaline Water Kettle Fast Hydrogen Water Production Hydrogen Rich Machine Can Boil and Make Tea

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    hengko advantageHENGKO Hydrogen Alkaline water kettle adopts high-temperature resistant material, which is safe and hygienic.A hydrogen kettle, made of high borosilicate glass, has the advantages of a very low expansion coefficient, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to drastic changes in temperature.

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    1. Weak alkaline water promotes metabolism and enhances human immunity.
    2. Adjust the autonomic nervous system to relax the nerves.
    3. Promote gastrointestinal motility and enhance digestive system function.
    4. Resist UV rays, whiten health, and achieve anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.


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    Household Hydrogen Alkaline water kettle Fast hydrogen water production hydrogen rich machine can boil and make tea


    HENGKO-Electrolytic hydrogen - rich kettle -DSC 6798

    HENGKO Hydrogen-rich water pitcher

    Automaic cleaning

    Constant temperature heating

    Ion exchange Enrichment

    Magnetized Hydrogen Enriched Hydrogen

    Hydrogen rich ions do not volatilize Double hydrogen content Electrolysis (100% hot water)
    Softened water, No heavy metal precipitation No ozone production, without exhaust Controllable acidity and alkalinity
    long service time Rapid electrolysis Easy to use
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    Hot water electrolysis kettle

    Electrolysis technology, separation of oxygen and hydrogen, ozone filtration in water, hydrogen rich in platinum and titanium, high concentration hydrogen, small bubble hydrogen, working water is clear and transparent, the water quality after production is very soft, slightly sweet, healthy delicious

    HENGKO Hydrogen rich Water Ionizer 详情页


    Stainless steel + food grade PP plastic

    The lid is made of special high-quality materials Wear-resistant anti-falling paint

    HENGKO-Hydrogen rich water kettle kettle DSC_6987
    HENGKO Hydrogen rich water picher 详情页




    Keep warm with a cup of warm water at any time

    Switch to the"保温" button,the system enters the constant temperature water state

    If you switch to  other button , the system stops the constant temperature water




    High silicon shed glass

    Heat resistant, cold resistant, hot resistant, explosion proof

    HENGKO-Hydrogen rich Water Company DSC_6984
    HENGKO-Hydrogen rich aqua pot DSC_6986

    Anti-fingerprint bright paint

    High-gloss cup bottom wear-resistant scratch-resistant

    Multi-function Hydrogen rich Water Ionizer

    手动-Manual operation

    自动-Automatic operation


    保温-Heat preservation


    Stainless steel diffustion stone for H2

    Food grade safety 316L material.

    Shorten the time of preparing hydrogen water

    Improve the efficiency of dissolving hydrogen

    HENGKO-Hydrogen rich water

    hengko certificate hengko Parners

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