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    Your skin is the biggest and the most delicate organ of your body, making your body helpless against a considerable amount of pressure. Dryness, Stretch marks, blotches, undesirable body hair, and so on. That is why we are in a continuous search for each body care concern.HENGKO, considering all your skin-related problems, brought a change in your traditional way of bathing and Spa. The company introduces you to a wide range of Hydrogen Bath accessories to make your bathing and Spa experience way more relaxing and effective.

    With more and more studies showing the benefits of hydrogen for our health. To ensure our skin is in optimal condition enjoy the pleasures and rejuvenating effects of a hydrogen bath.


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    Hydrogen-rich water production equipment Bath and Spa Machine milk bath – Hydrogen Bath Generator

    Benefits of Hydrogen Bath and Spa

    Hydrogen bath is far more effective than usual plain water bath. As you know, the advantages of hydrogen products are countless. Lets’ have a look at some of its remarkable benefits, will make you fall in love with hydrogen products.

    – It helps to fade away the blotches marks from all over the body.
    – It deep cleanses your skin.
    – It improves your skin and makes it feel better than ever before.
    – It reduces the visceral fat of your body.
    – It helps to improve cholesterol and glucose metabolism.

    So, what are you waiting for? If something comes with this much health benefits, you will not be going to miss it right? Just try this hydrogen bath once, and you will be amazed by the outcomes for sure. Using H2 life products, you will feel like being in an expensive spa at your home.

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    Excepet spa, hydrogen-nano bubble generator also used in crop production,aquaculture,water treatment of nursery pond for mitten-handed crab by circulation & purification and so on.

    Hydrogen water’s role in crop production

    HENGKO smart farming IOT solution 1.Enhanced seed germination and plant growth
    Used for seed soaking, the germination rate can be increased by more than 60%, and the young plants are thick and strong, healthy, and the survival rate is high.It can significantly increase production.
     temperature and humidity monitoring system 2.Increase nutrient content
    Hydrogen water contains reactive oxygen radical,fundamentally reduce the water in hydrogen sulfide,ammonia nitrogen.Nitrite, biogas and other auspicious material generation.
     Tropical fruit can be planted in the north, the key successful is smart greenhouse monitor system 3.Improve market competitive of crop
    Long-term consumption of fruits and vegetables containing pesticide residues,will slowly accumulate in the human body, resulting in cancer, riding,mutation and other chronic poisoning.Hydrogen water irrigation plants no pollution, no drug residues, bright appearance, attractive.

    Hydrogen water’s role in aquaculture

     1 1.Enhance immunity, reduce the stress reaction of fish and shrimp
    Increase mitochondrial energy through cells. Enhance cell’s phagocytosis activity to enhance immunity. Maintain the airframe's ecological balance.
     2(5) 2.Reduce the harmful of bacteria
    By increasing the plant's secondary metabolites and ascorbic acid content, the nutrient content is increased. In addition, crops irrigated with hydrogen water have colored fruits and increased sugar content, making them more sweet and delicious to eat.
     Cold chain transportation ∣Challenge & change 3. Improve the growth speed
    Effectively improve the intestinal function of aquatic animals, enhance the ability to absorb nutrients, and increase the feed intake rate, weight gain rate and survival rate.
    application for aeration system

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