Hot Gas and Gasification Filters for Removal of Solids from Gas (for low solids loading and high flux rates)

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    hengko advantageHENGKKO Hot Gas & gasification filters offer outside-in filtration of process gases and steam, for applications where cost-effectiveness and ease of use are high priorities. Upon reaching a given differential pressure or cycle time, the feed is discontinued and the backflow cycle is engaged. Hot Gas Filters use inside-out filtration technology and are ideal for continuous filtration. Porous elements are pulsed in sections and cleaned while the unit remains online. Lastly, the process filter is a simple trap filter design for low solids loading and high flux rates.


    HENGKO manufactures filter elements in a broad range of materials, sizes, and fittings so they can be easily specified with the characteristics and configurations customers require. We can incorporate custom features or create completely original filter element designs for specialized needs. Our filter elements also come in a variety of different alloys, each with its own special benefits and application purposes. They are a popular choice for many industrial filtration applications due to their heat, corrosion, and physical wear resistance.
    HENGKO offers Hot Gas & Gasification Filters for the removal of solids from gas.


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    Hot Gas & Gasification Filters for removal of solids from gas (for low solids loading and high flux rates)

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