HENGKO OEM Sintered Steel Filter and Sparger

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    OEM Sintered stainless steel diffuser / sparger, for aerating in liquid. HENGKO’s sintered sparger are unsurpassed in strength, precision and uniformity. The stainless steel sintered filter provide filtration, sparging and diffusion solutions for gas / air / liquid, and sintered porous metal media is robust to last for long periods of time giving repeatable performance cycle over cycle. HENGKO has over 20+ years of technical expertise and assist engineers in customizing solutions specific to customer application requirements.

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    This product is a custom-made product for our customer, from the prototype to the final order completion, the customer's evaluation of us is satisfied. Even though there are some challenges in the process of realising the product, we are willing to accept the challenge in order to give our customers a satisfactory product, and we are honoured to do so!

    HENGKO OEM Sintered Filters and Sparger

    HENGKO-ozone bubble diffuser-DSC_1890 HENGKO-ss nano bubbler-DSC_1896sintered porous metal filter applicationsCan't find a product that meets your needs? Contact our sales staff for OEM/ODM customization services!Custom Flow Chart filter hengko certificate

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