Stainless Steel Exhausts – Porous Metal Filter Muffler

Stainless Steel Exhausts – Porous Metal Filter Muffler

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  • Brand: HENGKO
  • Remarks: Custom designs and fittings available
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    hengko advantageSilencer / Filter made of porous metal
    Small silencers / filters made of porous metal with many applications.
    It reduces noise and is designed for selective flow with optimal filtration and dispersion of air and other gases and liquids.
    Standard model has 40 Micron pore size up to on end piece, and 90 Micron pore size. Also available in other pore sizes on request. Upper limit: 125 PSI / 6 Bar.


    The main characteristics of sintered filters are:

    • High temperature resistance
    • Thermal stability
    • Good resistance to corrosion
    • High mechanical strength
    • Flexible design
    • Self-supporting molded sections suitable for high pressure differentials

    Materials of sintered filters

    These are sintered porous bronze parts produced from spherical bronze powder. These items are highly corrosion resistant, are characterized by a high structural stability and strength, they are self-supporting and suitable for high pressure differentials.

    These are sintered porous SS parts produced from irregularly shaped SS powder, generally SS 316L. They are stronger than bronze filters because of the powder's irregular shape. They are also suitable for higher temperatures.HENHKO-Sintered metal-DSC_7473 HENHKO-air muffler silencer DSC_7459 HENHKO-pneumatic silencer DSC_7457OEM-Gas-detector-accessoreis-Process-Chart230310012hengko certificate hengko Parners

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